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Mum’s Birthday Blog


2:20 – Just chased Mum down the hall, laughing, with a pot of foundation. Perhaps that’s enough said?

3:01 – At Red Lobster so Mum can have her favourite Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp!




3:54 – Stuffed! Wonder what’s next?

7:10 – Game time! Let the sacrilege begin….


7:44 – Singing along to the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, Starlight Express.

8:14 – Mum: Em, you want to make the dip?
Me: I haven’t been doing well with that lately.
Brother: Well, we have graham crackers…
…and frosting.

8:48 – Playing Bananagrams! image

10:00 – Watching the film adaptation of Dead Man’s Folly. Always a Folliet at Nasse…House….

11:22 – Birthday cake! Pie! Ice cream…something!!!!


Droid Wars- 1.2

Ah, the live blogging returns! Remember this? Well, Mum had to get a new Hero, so we’ve got to set stuff up. Here we go again….

11:39– Starting up!


Me- “What’s your password?”

Mum- “I don’t remember. The usual.”

Me: “Well, that’s not working.”

Mum- “Don’t you remember when we set it up?”

Me- “No, because you wouldn’t tell me.”

Mum- “No way!”

Me- “Yes, you said you would remember, I asked you to tell me for backup, you said you wouldn’t because you would remember, I said you should tell me anyway, you said you’d remember, I said you wouldn’t, you said you would, I said I would blog it, you said ‘Don’t!'”

Mum- *laughs* “Oh, that’s funny. You should blog that!”


Mum- “Wait, you mean that all those people with gmail accounts have a Google account? I didn’t know that’s what the G stood for!”


Me- “You…spelled out all the numbers in your email address?”

Mum- “I did?”

Me- *facepalm*


Me- “Here, you can search for Ringdroid.”

Mum- “Is this going to wake my brain up? It is almost midnight!”


To be continued on the morrow….

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Birthday Live Blogging!

Today is Mum’s birthday, so a little live Blogging is in order!  :D

2:39– lunch at Abuelo’s for guacamole and sopapillas.

2:46– Lunch is here!!!

3:03– waiting for dessert….

3:06– erm, quetzecoatl???? Eh?

3:08– Sopapillas!!!!

3:34– We are having a discussion about golf course names. I’m not quite sure why….

3:50– Collapsed on the sofa. Partying is hard work!

We are now discussing the pros and cons of opening a restaurant. Would you all come if we opened one?

3:53– Mum is now singing the chorus to “Good Morning Starshine.” Look it up…it’s great stuff!  :D

Okay, okay, I’ll look it up for you! Sheesh. You all DO realise that I’m doing this from my little bitty phone, right? Okay then; just so you appreciate the effort….

5:11– Cake is baking, and we are getting ready to play Name Chase!

6:00– Mum and I killed in Name Chase. Now we are going for domination in TriBond!!! Of course, we have a little family drama going on. For instance:

Little brother: “Emma, get off your phone and be with the family.”

Me: “Don’t make me hurt you.”

In my defence, (lest you all think that I am a horrible, insensitive sister) he had just spent an hour upstairs alone, practising his putting. I, however, Am Blogging. Therefore, I Am Justified- note the emphatic use of capital letters!

8:10– We are now eating dinner; homemade eggrolls, rice, and steamed broccoli. Mum also chose to watch To Catch A Thief. First person to tell me where Hitchcock’s cameo is in the movie wins!

10:10– Cake and ice cream! Next movie up: Pillow Talk. No Hitchcock involved here.


Droid Wars

My mum and I have the same cell phone- the HTC Hero. I, being the tech geek, set mine up in the store much to the amazement of the salespeople. (Who, by the way, have never seen anyone type as fast as I on an onscreen keyboard. I don’t know whether to be flattered or chagrined.) Mum is now being dragged reluctantly by me into the 21st century.

We had fun. I thought I’d make you all jealous and do a little live blogging of the highlights. :)

9:00– M: Let’s go to Dairy Queen instead. E: No, we need to do this now.

*Unfortunately Mum hasn’t used iTunes in a while, so it had to update. This took fffoooorrreeeeevvveeeeerrrr.*

9:15– *update finished* M: Okay, let’s find some Chad and Jeremy. E: *looks up icanhascheezburger.com*

9:30– E: Okay, the most difficult thing we have to do is set up your Google account for the Android Market. M: Okay!

9:33– M: It needs my first name. What should I put? E: Whatever name you want. M: Okay, we’re going with A— (her name begins with K). E: Sounds great.

9:35– M: Now it wants a last name. What last name should I use? E: Whatever you want. M: How about Gugenheim? E: … M: Guteman? E: …what about *insert our real last name here* M: Oh! That’ll work too!

9:48– M: Why do I even need a Google account anyway? E: *holds up the back of the phone that reads “with Google.” M: Oh, that would be why.

10:00– *We’ve finally gone through the 500 steps to set up a Google account, downloaded a word game, and Ringdroid. We’ve decided on what song to use as her default ring. We even set up her default ringtone. So far, so good. Then, we decided to personalize the ringtone for when I call.*

10:05– M: Okay, Cuppa Joe, Since I Quit Drinking Coffee, or Java Jive. E: You pick. M: But what song to you want to be identified with? E: I think you should pick.

*We play all three songs multiple times through with multiple artists trying to find the right one. We finally land on “Cuppa Joe.”*

10:54– M: Cuppa joe….cuppa joe….no, cuppa joe- right here. *points to a picture of a cup of coffee on her laptop wallpaper*

10:56– M: I have a missed call. E: That was me from the test call earlier.

10:58– M: Do we have any Peeps? I want to make some sh’mos since we can’t go to Dairy Queen. Don’t blog that. E: :)

11:07– M: The song is still playing, how do I make it stop? E: A mallet.

11:10– M: You just talk into your phone and it does stuff for you! *imitates me from the other day* “Melting Pot…oh look, how cool* *notices my expression* M: Oh…

11:26– Success! Mum edited the song on her own, I called her, and it worked!

11:35– *listening to Michael Bolton singing Nessun Dorma* M: What is wrong with Nicolette Sheridon? How do you not love this?

11:38– E: Okay, connect your phone to the computer. M: It says it is. E: It isn’t really. M: Wait, my phone is lying to me! I can’t have a relationship with anything that lies to me. E: *facepalm*

11:40– M: I’m clicking music, I’m double clic…uh-oh. E: *facepalm* M: Honey, don’t die.

11:42– M: Hey, it takes me a long time, but once I’ve got it, I’ve got it.

11:43– M: You’re being snarky…sarcastic…snarkastic. Oh, I made a word- that’s good! Don’t bother with spellcheck…don’t blog this!