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Um. Oops.

So, I suck at blogging. Really, really really. I’m so sorry.

See, the thing is that I begin to write an amazing post, but I always want it to be perfect, poignant, and poetic. So, it goes unpublished. NO MORE!!! I shall attempt to return to the land of the bloggers. Here goes!

Life is interesting at the moment! Back in April of 2014 I was given an amazingly busy, high profile Starbucks right on the Oceanfront (like, for serious, the sand is a block away). Since then, life has been a series of insane events. I’m probably going to end up writing a book about my experiences. You will find it in the fiction section because absolutely no one will believe the actual things that I deal with on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Have YOU ever called the police and banned a 70 year old man from your business establishment because he missed the toilet in the loo for the 9th straight day in a row? Have YOU ever had to run random locker checks because someone thinks it is funny to hide little bottles of alcohol in people’s belongings? Have YOU ever had a man sit in your place of business and play a banjo really really well?  I think not. Welcome to my life!

To keep things fresh, I moved down to the beach last April as well (like, for serious, the sand is a block away). I found this amazing, hotel-like apartment complex and have really enjoyed living there even though I’m about to move out. You see, I’ve made this friend that we jokingly call Ginger (she’s got red hair, so original on my part) and she and I are going to be roomies! She’s got an adorable little house that looks like I decorated it. SO much win.

We met Ginger at karaoke this summer…oh yes, I’ve become quite the little karaoke singer! I tend to do more mainstream, quiet pieces; but once I brought the whole bar to silence with my heartfelt rendition of “I Who Have Nothing.” Not that the bar was very crowded that night, but still. It was awesome. We also have fun with duets like “Bye, Bye Love,” “Sounds of Silence,” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Oh yes, and there’s a ‘we’ now. I’ve kinda met the most amazing guy ever working down here at the beach, but that’s a post for another day.

So, that’s a quick hit view of life. Things are busy, but pretty routine. Monday is admin day and small group night, Tuesday is Trivia Night (my team is first overall for the season right now!), Wednesdays tend to be pizza/movie night, Thursdays are blissfully unstructured, while Friday through Sunday tend to be a blur of opening shifts and shopping at WalMart. Oh, the glamour.

My store just got a huge remodel, so I will have to do some before/after for you all to enjoy my dominion. Ever heard of the Shamrock Marathon? It’s a pretty big deal around here, so I’m getting ready for that too. Our goal is to do over 1200 transactions March 21 and 22! Each day. We’ve so got this.

Bring it on!


2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,700 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Starbucks Drama

I’ve long been envious of Chris Silk. There are many reasons for this:

1. He can write really well and be really funny.

2. He has a newspaper job where people pay him to write.

3. He’s a Starbucks fan.

4. He’s near a 24 hour Starbucks.

5. He sees more Starbucks drama in a week than I see in a year.

Seriously. For those of you who don’t know who Chris Silk is, he’s the mastermind behind one of my most favourite blogs: Starbucks Drama. He simply walks into a Starbucks (or sometimes he just drives up to the window), and he watches what goes on around him. Then, he takes what he sees, runs it through his razor-sharp wit, and shares it with us.

I, then, roll on the floor laughing.

Often, I can’t keep myself from commenting. Then, I go to work and share the latest craziness with my coworkers. Sometimes, they then go, read, and comment.

Starbucks is a tough job sometimes, and it helps a lot when customers can take a look around and find the humour. Our customers are really good at making us laugh at ourselves and others, so I’m thrilled that Chris is bringing his talent for doing the same to a national audience.

So, I promise that there’s a point to this post (beyond, you know, my equivalent of fangirl *squeeing*). Usually, I don’t get to see too much drama firsthand. I mean, I observe it ALL THE TIME, but I’m rarely involved with the customer stuff. I only get pulled into things as an employee, and let’s face it- that’s a whole different type of drama! Then, something happened the other day. Apparently, that was when the little Starbucks Drama fairies decided to be generous and share some weirdness with me.

For once, I was a customer in my own cafe. I had two precious, free hours, and I wanted to write reviews! So, I lugged in my purse (more like a small suitcase), a cute red bag with my laptop and phone charger, and a soda from lunch. Due to approximately 1 1/2 billion texts from a friend on Percocet, I needed to recharge my phone as well as my laptop. Thus, I plunked my stuff down on a chair by an outlet.

All my stuff. Do we have the picture? Good!

So, I’m getting organised, and this woman wanders up to me. Out of her mouth comes the inevitable question- “Is the an electrical outlet around here?” She needs to charge her phone.


But I’m nice, I tell her that there’s one behind me and she’s welcome to use it. After all, I can charge my phone from my laptop, no biggie. And the other electrical outlet is somewhat blocked by an incorrect coffee etagere. That’s a story for another time. Seriously.

So, while she’s getting her phone plugged in to charge I pop around the corner to grab my iced tea. I come back around the corner and…

…she’s sitting at my table. In my chair. The chair with my purse on it. The table with my laptop, phone, bag, cords, and everything on it.

Just…sitting there.

I’m not sure what to do. I wander back over to my table with my drink, and mess around with my laptop. I’m hoping she will get the hint and wait at another table for her phone to recharge. Not only does she not move, but she won’t make eye contact.

This just throws me. I gather up my laptop and phone, and wander over to the handoff plane. I figure I can write about it from there, and see what goes on. She sits there for another 20 minutes; not speaking, not ordering anything, not making eye contact.

Then, in the few seconds I’m distracted with a regular customer, she’s gone.

It was weird. I’m used to drama, but like I said earlier I’m usually involved as an employee. This was pure customer-to-customer drama. In all this, I had only one, burning, consuming question:

WWCSW? (What Would Chris Silk Write?)

I know that I can’t be as snarky, funny, and clever as Chris, so I won’t even try.

However, it was interesting that the day this happened it also happened to be the one year anniversary of Starbucks Drama! That’s a weird coincidence.

So, mosey on over and enjoy some great commentary on the drama that is Starbucks. Personally, I’d make sure to read this one, simply because it made me laugh so hard it hurt! So, thanks for the blog Chris, and may there be much more drama coming your way!