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Twelve Hours and Counting….

Due to a death in my Starbucks family, I offered quite willingly to pick up a shift so that my coworker could have the weekend off to process and recover. Remember, I said quite willingly.

However, a few red flags should fly up right about now. Firstly, it was a Saturday shift. Secondly, I was closing that night for five hours. Thirdly, it was a seven hour shift. Fourthly, it was an opening shift. Wait, what???

Yes, I said opening shift. Never let it be said that I don’t *heart* my coworkers.

Anyway, I really was quite willing to do it, and help things move along. Remember, willingly. Just so we’re clear.

So now, here’s what my fun little day looked like!

3am– Dozed off for a little bit of sleep in preparation for the day.

3:30– Already back up and getting ready for work.

4– Grabbed my two Starbucks doubleshots that I bought the previous day. Downed the four shots while eating and sandwich and talking to Dad (he couldn’t sleep either).

5– Pre-opening at the store. Unfortunately, the new manager moved everything around the day before, so shift and I can’t find half the things we need. Two sets of customers drive up at 5:02 and 5:04- sorry folks; too early!

5:30– Open for business! Kinda quiet.

6– Did I say quiet? I meant that we have customers in the store, but few enough that I can handle them on my own in between doing prep work. Lots of iced coffee and Americanos.

7:30– Manager comes on as our third person for the morning. Of course, we get SLAMMED!!!!!!

8– Slammed and barring.

8:30– Still slammed to the door, still on bar

9– Slammed to the door, still on bar.

9:30– Slammed to the door, still on bar.

10– Slammed to the door, still on bar.

10:30– Slammed to the door, still on bar.

11– Slammed to the door, still on bar! However, coworker comes on early to help out.

11:30– LUNCH BREAK!!!!!!! No barring for 30 minutes!!!!!!!

12– Back on floor; grab my till before anyone can throw me back on bar.

12:30– Supposed to clock off; instead get caught ringing, fixing the pastry case, and catching up on dishes.

1pm– First shift down!

2– Home to rest my feet for a bit.

3– Went to the phone store to get my new phone in preparation of my busy week.

4– Came home to show my new phone off to Mum.

5– Left for work to meet up with a regular customer. We talked books for a bit.

5:30– Clocked on for round two!

6– Back on bar, but really rocking. Able to handle drinks and ringing on my own without breaking a sweat. Yay for practice!

6:30– Solely barring at this point; also running into the back to wash dishes and help out the precloser.

7pm– Hit the wall. Staring off into the distance….

7:30– If I have to make one more something-chip-frappuccino I might scream!!!!!

8– Took a ten, had a croissant. That helped a bit. No longer want to kill customers for merely walking in the door.

8:30– Still barring. Not thrilled to still be steaming milk, but coping much better now.

9– Sent the precloser home due to slowish business. Did lots of dishes.

9:30– Barred some more. Did lots of dishes.

10– Closed for business! Did lots of dishes and ran around with the shift like a chicken with its head cut off.

10:30– OFF!!!!! Clocked off on time too. We rock!

11– Home to rest a bit and chat with Mum and Dad.

12– To sleep, at last!

So there you have it- my very exciting day! I’m so glad that I have Sundays off; I don’t think that I could have gone back into work.

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At precisely 1:54 this morning, my entire neighbourhood lost power. Those of you readers who know me well will gasp in shock, as you realize that this is right in the middle of prime study time for me. One minute I’m happily reading tweets and looking for a blog plugin for the English club (and yes, working on an English paper), the next minute everything around me went dark.

To be honest, my first thought was “oh, Mum is making a statement about the lateness of the hour.” Then, I realized that she couldn’t have turned off the lamp beside me without me noticing her doing it. Then, my internet connection disappeared.

It’s one thing to lose power during the day. You have to keep your fridge and freezer closed, interior rooms may be a little dim, and the radio will fall silent. Really though, it’s not much of an imposition. Losing your power at night is a whole different ball game.

For one, I can’t see anything. I mean, the ENTIRE neighbourhood has no power- this includes street lamps. Two, I stupidly didn’t charge my phone for the last 48 hours, so I’m down to a sliver of battery and I need my phone to wake me up in the morning. Thankfully, I did charge my iPod so it’s my portable lighting device. As for my laptop- well, I obviously don’t have internet, but I’m on powersaver and typing this right now. I’m good to go for another hour or two.

This whole incident is just bringing home how much we rely on things that most people don’t even have. It’s automatic to walk into a dark room and reach for the light switch. You expect that when you open the fridge, a little light will pop on. When I turn on my iPod, I expect to see my wifi signal. When I plug in my phone, I expect it to charge. When we look outside, we expect to see the porch lights on the neighbour’s houses.

However, right now in Haiti, there are people simply wondering if their house is still standing, if their neighbours are still alive, and if they will be able to find any sort of food. Bodies are being discovered with sickening regularity, each body representing not only a life lost, but also a family destroyed. I’m sure that they aren’t worrying about charging their cellphones, or surfing the web on their iPods. I’m sure that all they want is their family and friends to be alive, and to know where to find food, clothing, and shelter.

My house is still structurally unchanged- even my alarm system is still set thanks to back-up batteries. I have plenty of food and water in my fridge and garage. My family is all around me, safely tucked into their beds. My phone may be low on power, but there are two more in the house all ready to go. Despite my lack of internet, I’m still sitting here typing away on my laptop.

You know, I think that I’m pretty lucky. Because, when you look at your life in the big, world picture, you come to realize that every frustration and setback is nothing when compared with the suffering of others. So instead of mourning my lost study time, I’m going to shut this computer off, get into bed, pray for the people of Haiti, and thank God that all I have to worry about is a low cellphone battery.

It’s really not so bad being powerless.


Still Here

For those of you who have expressed concern that I fell into a caffeine-induced stupor and checked out of daily life, never fear! I’m still around.

It’s finals week for me, and perhaps the most difficult one of my college experience. I’m probably still worn out from last quarter’s intensity because I’ve not been able to get a grip on anything. Anyhoo…

How about some random thoughts to make up for my silence?

1. Driving through a construction zone with orange cones on either side of the car throws me emotionally right back to my Mario Kart days. This is not a good thing. I’m the kind of virtual driver who once she figures out which portion of the screen belongs to her spends the entire race trying simply to go the correct direction and not veer off the road. Driving through the construction zone today with the road zigging and zagging like the road to Hana brought back a flash of those Mario-induced panic attacks. Maybe I should slow down on that road until they finish the renovations sometime in 2042.

2. Did you know that green tea gives more of a caffeine jolt per cup than coffee? Iced Zen Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks makes pulling an all-nighter so easy! The combination of caffeine and sugar is perfect. I didn’t even notice that I had made it to 7 am this morning until I submitted my paper and saw the time stamp. Thanks, Sbux!

3. Today is my parent’s 37th anniversary, which I think is absolutely mind-bogglingly, amazingly, fantastically cool. Happiest of Anniversaries, Mum and Dad, and many more to come!

That, I think, will do for now. Two more tests to go- then get the party started!

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Thoughts On Falling Asleep On The Floor During Finals

Just don’t. It’s painful. And carpet looks really weird up close.

I did have a better post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. My wonderful mum let me get an hour of shuteye just now, but I want more. Sleep is funny that way. We agreed in class to today that the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep. Ergo, you are better off not sleeping. Ah, the motto of my life! That and “Drink more coffee”.

Mum also provided a beautiful lullabye soundtrack. ;)

Deeper thoughts to come….

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What to do at one in the morning…

…when all you want are eggs over easy but you don’t want to wake the family with the noise and smell:

Look in the fridge.

Open all opaque containers to verify contents.

Avoid eye contact with the egg carton.

Read all the yogurt labels.

Browse pantry.

Consider eating corn chips.

Regain sensibility and abandon corn chips.

Resume fridge raid.

Spot milk.

Spot cheese.

Ponder why milk and cheese, which come from cows, are considered dairy along with eggs, which obviously come from chickens.

Locate crackers for cheese.

Ponder cracker selection- butter, wheat, or sesame?

Decide on sesame.

Hum the theme song from Sesame Street (old school style, not this jazzy new thing they call a theme song).

Settle at table with milk, cheese, crackers, and book.

Remind self as to why food mysteries are a bad idea after midnight!

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Up Too Early

You know you’re up too early when…

…your dog glares at you, then crawls up to finish sleeping in the warm part of the bed you’ve just vacated.

…no birds are singing.

…even your automatic daily emails haven’t come yet.

…none of your daily bloggers have posted.

…your library system is not yet back online from its nightly maintenance.

…new comics aren’t online yet.

…there is no one you can call or text- at least without creating lifelong enemies!

…the only people active online are Australians. o_O

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