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Fire and Ice

This week I wanted to show off a PhotoShop project I worked on all on my own! It’s nothing fancy or difficult, but it did involve layers, and I did do it without any aids- books, teacher, cheatsheet, nothing. Just me.

Glancing through a book a few weeks ago, my eye was caught by Robert Frost’s poems. I may not like much about American Literature, but I do enjoy his writings. Specifically, I love one of his shorter works, Fire and Ice. It just so happened that I had some awesome fire photos (pyromaniac for the win!), so I wanted to do something with both elements.

I think it turned out really well, but what do you all think?

As per usual, click on the picture if you’d like to see it BIGGER. Have a great weekend!



This Tuesday was the official rollout of Starbucks’ new however-you-want-it frappuccino. Many customers have asked us just what is different about the new process, so here we go!

The old recipe used to be 3 steps: dispense based (creme or coffee), add in syrups, add in ice and blend. The only problem was that we were pretty much limited when it came to special dietary needs. We couldn’t use soy or be vegan, for example. So, Starbucks broke it down for us.

If you want coffee, we put that in first- we can even make it decaf! Then, we put in any milk you want: soy, non-fat, 1%, 2%, whole, breve, heavy whipping cream, anything! If you want flavouring we put that in next- any syrup, any add-ins, any combination. The last ingredient we put in is the magic; it’s a thick binding liquid that gives it that great consistency and frappuccino taste.

Okay, now for the fun stuff! Because our normal store artist wasn’t working the night before rollout, yours truly had the opportunity to do the store’s main chalkboard. That’s right- my first promo board! My District Manager even complimented our Store Manager on it.

Here are some of the first pictures- I’m hoping to get some better ones of the updated board. Yes, I tweaked. How could I not?

I’ll post some more pictures soon!

So, now to the explanation of this blog title. Starting yesterday, and running through May 16th, you can come in from 3-5 pm and get any frappuccino in any size for half off! Mum and Dad came in to visit during “happy hour” and Dad called it, “frappy hour.” Now, it stuck (and it’s part of the improvements I made to the board).

As a last note, we have new coffee gear! We love our cute, new, blue aprons (pic of that to come too). However, the wrist bands are a little puzzling. In case you have sane baristas who refuse to wear them, here’s what they look like.

There’s no consensus as to why we have these. They are a health hazard, being so close to so many contaminates. We’ve compiled a list of possible reasons for the wrist bands. Let’s have some fun and try a poll: why do you think that Starbucks gave us these wristbands? Pick your top three, or suggest your own ideas!

Well, that’s all from me for now- I’ll be back with more pictures and stories of this crazy week very soon. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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To Live Forever

Before I skipped town, I had to chance to indulge my obsession interest in Ancient Egypt by looking at a small burial exhibit at a local museum. It was wonderful. The exhibit was nicely set up, the curator was entertaining, and the artifacts beautifully restored.

One idea has occupied my mind since then- was is it about death that warrants it taking up so much of life? These Egyptians spent so much of their life thinking about, paying for, and arranging for their deaths that it must have cut into their living activities quite a bit. Their quest for fame and wealth was only a little oriented towards a position in life- mostly, it was to secure their comfort in death.

Yet, they never found the satisfaction that their hearts and minds needed to be at rest. The type of satisfaction that only comes from knowing Who your Saviour is, from accepting His sacrifice as payment for your sins, and from resting in the comfort that He has your future firmly in hand. Instead, they lived in a constant state of fear that no matter how much good they did, their hearts may not measure up against the feather of truth.

Because, when you look at things in a practical manner, your soul is going to live forever. It’s inevitable. No matter how or when your body expires, your soul is indestructible.

The main concern lies in whether your soul will live in the peaceful presence of God, or in the eternal torment of hell. The choice is yours based on one, single decision of salvation you make or don’t make on earth. It doesn’t matter how or where you are buried, if you make regular sacrifices to the gods, or if you paint certain pictures on your coffin. All that matters is your decision to accept Christ as your Saviour.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it?