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Children and Cards

Gentle Readers,

Today I made Valentine’s Day cards with the preschool Sunday School class. We had all the fun stuff: pink and red paper, multi sized hearts, flower foam stickers, glue sticks, markers, crayons, and scissors. (For the record, I kept a hold of the scissors.)

They are sweet children. Two girls, two boys, all as different as can be. The sugar rush must have started early this year, because they were WIRED today. So wired. But I digress.

There’s really not much point to this post. Only, as I watched these children put all their scattered attention towards making something sweet for their parents, I found it touching. They are young. They have energy galore. They want to explore everything. Yet, in the midst of all their life discoveries, they were genuinely excited to make something all their own for their Moms and Dads.

This is what love looks like.

Until tomorrow,

Miss W



This week on Friday Frame-Up, I thought that I’d try out something a little different. Going through my digital photo archives, I found long forgotten pictures of a baseball game from a few years ago. Two sequences caught my eye:

1. A random little boy, enthralled by the balloon clown!

It really was sweet watching the children watch the clown!

Sequence 2: Baseball+Dirt+Contacts=Humour

This was actually quite, quite funny. The first base man held up the game a good 5 minutes while the coach tried to help him adjust his contact. They tried blinking, they tried solution, they tried a new contact, but to no avail. Just when they thought that everything was good and the game could resume, back came the first base man for round two! They eventually sorted everything out, but it was quite amusing all the same.

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