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Stamen Power

This past week we’ve had a little sun, a little snow, and a lot of rain.

I, for one, am over it. It’s time for spring! With that in mind, this week’s shot is of a lovely lily.

To put it in perspective, here’s a wider-angle shot.

Have a happy Friday!


Don’t Hurt Me

Have you ever sat back, looked at the East Coast, and wondered what exactly we do during a hurricane? Do we sit huddled in a corner waiting for the roof to cave in? Do we count our copiously stockpiled provisions? Do we go surfing?

The answer is that someone, somewhere is doing all of those things. But we don’t stop there! No no, we don’t take the hurricanes lying down. We go out and beg them to leave us alone!

What? You don’t believe me? Oh, then you need to watch this. For reals.

(And in case you were wondering, this video will be featured on national TV tomorrow morning! Ah, the rewards of boredom.)

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Camouflage: You’re Doing It Wrong

I’m just saying…this little guy is in the wrong habitat.


Mum’s The Word

Happy Mother’s Day to my best friend, my favourite coffee date, the best shopping pal, an awesome fellow-movie watcher, the person who turned me into an avid reader, and the one person on earth who can always make things better.

Love you, Mum!!!! <3



Ah, I love spring. I love flowers, warm weather, nice breezes, pretty skies, chirping birds…I love it all.

But mostly I love the flowers. So, today’s Friday Frameup is a picture I took of some of the flowers I’ve had festooning the house so far this spring. I love the colour of irises, and how unusually they open. They aren’t a “traditional” flower, but they have a beauty all their own.

Happy weekend, and happy spring!


Super Moon?


Wasn’t as big or impressive where I live, but pretty all the same! Happy weekend!

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One of my dad’s favourite composers is Tim Janis. For you PBS buffs, you’ve probably seen his specials on TV; epic, sweeping music overlaying beautiful nature scenes of America. So, for today’s MusicMonday, I thought I’d share some of his music with you!

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Rising Glory

Today at church, the pastor made a point about how the sunrise slanting through his windshield this morning reminded him of the glory of God. It is beautiful and radiant, but at the same time it makes you squint and wince. You have to get beyond that initial blindingness, and wait to be able to see God’s glory fully, to let it illuminate and light up your life like the sun lights the day. (Okay, those last thoughts are mine, but it all ties together.)

This song came to mind while he was talking, so I thought that I would share it with you all!

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Pretty In Pink

Aw, I love this flower! Problem is, my photographer’s eye and…I… just look for beauty and neither of us have any clue as to what kind of flower this is. If you can point me in the right direction, I’d be forever grateful. Just leave your suggestions in the comments.

So, this is another shot from the photoshoot last fall. Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been a year since this day at the Botanical Gardens. We had such a fun time wandering all over the park…I really need to go back in the spring. Well, anyways, there you have it; we’ll call this “Pretty Pink Flower” until a better name comes up!


A Little Bit of Peace


This picture was taken near my neighbourhood park a few weeks ago…right before all the leaves started turning. It’s a cellphone picture so the quality is not what I’d like, but I thought the framing was pretty.