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A Big Announcement

Soooo, I know I promised a Starbucks post soon to come. And trust me, it is still to come…but this is important. Big. Exciting (at least to me).

Here’s another random Starbucks picture to make up for the delay:

We good? Okay!

Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, I was having a random conversation with my SM and mentioned I was looking for something. Monday night, she called me saying her husband might have found it for me, did I want him to check it out? BOY DID I! But I tried not to get my hopes up.

Tuesday morning he went to look at it. They called me and said that everything looked good, so the ball was in my court. I took a drive out to see it, and unexpectedly fell in love. Tuesday night I ran it by my parents and we agreed to pursue obtaining this object.

Wednesday, Dad drove out to conduct his own investigation. All came back well. We put in a low bid…too low for the seller to be willing to accept. He told us that there was another buyer interested. I’ll be honest, I lost hope and pretty much gave up any thought of getting this item.

Thursday I went out to do a final inspection just on the off chance that the other potential buyer didn’t make a higher bid. Bad idea, because it only confirmed how much I wanted it. At prayer that night, I prayed the same thing that I had prayed Monday night: If I’m supposed to get this, please let it work out. If I’m not, then please make it fall through.

Today, Friday, we reached a happy money medium and tomorrow morning it’s going to be mine all mine!!!!!!! I’m very excited.


I gave three clues on Twitter tonight, each one giving a hint to a letter that spells out the object. Ready? Here they are:

1.  “I never saw a moor, I never saw the ***, But know I how the heather looks….”

2.  It’s a kind of frame house.

3.  “*** Town”


Can you guess?????

It’s a car!!!!! A cute little Honda Civic Coupe that handles just how I like it. Isn’t it pretty?




I need to spend some time with it to decide if it is a girl or a boy, and what I am going to name it. But with my busy schedule, the car and I will be spending a ton of quality time together. Like I said, I buy it officially tomorrow, then take it to my friend for him to do some minor repairs, and I should have my own wheels by next week!

Thanks for sharing in my good news with me!



Rising Glory

Today at church, the pastor made a point about how the sunrise slanting through his windshield this morning reminded him of the glory of God. It is beautiful and radiant, but at the same time it makes you squint and wince. You have to get beyond that initial blindingness, and wait to be able to see God’s glory fully, to let it illuminate and light up your life like the sun lights the day. (Okay, those last thoughts are mine, but it all ties together.)

This song came to mind while he was talking, so I thought that I would share it with you all!

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Stormy Weather

“Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather….”

The Friday Frame-Up this week is a two parter. I saw these clouds over by the county line about a year ago; the picture quality isn’t great (my old phone camera was only 1.3 mp), but the clouds are dramatic enough to make up for the poor quality. So, here’s the dramatic close-up!

Now, in order to appreciate the atmosphere, you have to see the bigger picture (so to speak!). Man, sometimes I crack myself up.

Pretty cool, is it not? There’s one thing that they say in our area: if you don’t like the weather, wait!

So, I know it’s been quiet around here, but take heart dear readers! The semester is almost over and I’ll have the freedom to blog some fun stuff over the summer. One week, three days…bear with me.

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Working 9 to 9

Well, what a week at work! For those of you who do not live and die by the movements of the little green goddess, Tuesday was free pastry day (!) and some of the Southeast was upgraded to a new POS (point of sale= register) system. Oh yes, and have I mentioned that our new manager isn’t officially at our store yet? I’ve not seen her in weeks.

So here we are- the rogue store. We control our orders, our work hours, our products, our reports. We’re not even able to get a hold of our District Manager. Good thing that they can trust us- well, most of us. But I digress.

The new POS rollout was severely under-promoted. They told us to go watch a five minute training module, which I did. According to the module, the way I ring up drinks changes drastically. This is not a bad thing. Our old software was a pain, but this looks user-friendly and pretty to boot.

It all seemed straightforward.

This is where things started to go wrong.

By the time I got to the store on rollout day, Thursday, the shift looked puzzled and exhausted. Apparently, the new system changed not only our POS, but how we open the store, clock in, markout product, do deposit, check sales, moniter tills, clock out, and close the store. And oh yes, there were no instructions on how to do any of this new stuff.

Have I mentioned yet that we don’t have a manager? Thankfully, the helpdesk called the store and walked us through the new system. Crisis somewhat averted. It will be a long learning curve. One of my shifts pointed out that normally when there’s someone new in the store, all the other partners know what to do and can help. Right now, we’re all learning with no one to show us how it’s done.

Anyway, all that and I haven’t even gotten to my 9-9 story! It all starts the morning after rollout (and keep in mind that we maintain a steady stream of customers and still aren’t comfortable with the new system):

Friday, March 26, 2010

9am– showed up at store to do some tutoring. Helped talk the register person through a few orders.

10:30– tutoring over, go in the back room to help a partner troubleshoot the training module.

11:30– asked to clock on early in order to help out the two shifts.

1:30– third person on the floor leaves, rest of the afternoon will be two people on the floor. Of course, we get slammed.

3:30– new shift comes in to replace the old one. They cannot figure out how to close out a till. They finally realize that the till doesn’t exist. Whew!

3:45– the new system is SKU based. Guess what? Starbucks just took the SKUs off all our packaged and bottled merchandise! Fun times.

4:00– My replacement is stuck in traffic.

4:30– finally can clock off. 

4:45– leave the store, fielding questions and comments from coworkers as I go.

6:30– call the store to ask a partner a quick question. Realize that shift is near tears. Ask what is the matter- apparently a customer just threatened to call corporate on her and the barista for not putting whipped cream on his chai. He took names, got his refund, and stalked out. Uh-oh.

6:45– stay on hold while shift tries to call someone in authority. Have I mentioned that we can’t get a hold of our manager or district manager?

7pm– Mum and I run into my Starbucks on our way to pick up dinner. Mum brings little bags of candy to the shaken shift and baristas. Morale is somewhat restored. Corporate is finally called, they now know what is going on. They agree that the baristas did everything right, and they say they will defend their actions. DM and SM are still unreachable.

8pm– just finished dinner. Shift calls, nearly in tears again. Cleaning tablets for the machines were zeroed out of our order, and we have none. Their third person just left the store, and they need the product ASAP. Not cleaning the machines tonight will result in the espresso machines locking up in the morning. Not good.

8:10– other stores aren’t picking up the phone. I get in the car (in the rain) to find product.

8:30– product gained, head to the store. Still raining. Still can’t find our manager.

8:45– give grateful shift the cleaning tablets. Notice, sitting at a table, the barista who is clocked off. He locked his keys in the car. In the rain. At the gas station near our store. In front of the pump. *headdesk* Listen to his story, offer him a place to stay if needed.

8:50– Take shift up on offer of free drink.

9pm– Return home. I need a few days off!

So there you have it- that’s what just my day looked like. I’m not alone. Almost everyone at our store is giving 200% to keep things running smoothly. So, the next time your barista looks a little stressed, keep in mind that they may be having a day like this themselves!

Have a good week, and drink more coffee!


Everybody’s Looking For Something

WordPress allows me to see what search terms people use to find my blog. Some of these people are very dedicated to their search- I’m not usually found until the 40-50th search page. So, if you’ve found my blog by searching for something else, welcome!

Being the nice person I am, I thought that I’d share these terms with you (along with my pithy comments). Points if you can figure out what post the terms used took the searcher to- just leave your guesses in the comments! (for example, does anyone remember my Wipeout post?)

Here we go:

“tea towel whipping sound barrier”– I love tea, like any good hitchhiker I know where my towel is, I’m really good at whipping cream for drinks, I love the sound of music (both the movie and the literal sound), and I believe in breaking down barriers in every situation. I can’t imagine any other way those words can logically relate to each other. I mean, tea towels breaking the sound barrier? Really? Maybe on the back of a supersonic jet they might.(What’s scary is that at the time of writing this, I hit the first page on search results.Man.)

“woodhouse math guy”– Hey, that’s funny! Seriously guys, I’m good at many things but math is not one of them. Sorry. I’m also a girl, just to make that clear.

“an extra stanza to love story taylor swift” – No way I’m giving up the extra stanza to Love Story! Taylor expects me to keep her secrets, and this is one of them. You have to find your own extra stanza. So there.

“miss woodhouse” – This one makes sense; you Google Miss Woodhouse, you get me. Yay!

“dog” – Yup, I have two of them at the house. Glad you asked!

“it isn´t any trouble just to smile” – I love this song- it comes in handy to annoy people who are being very grumpy. It might not have been the best blog title idea though….

“road to hana funny” – I knew that oblique reference to the scariest road in the world would pay off somehow. (Many bonus points if you know the post to which this refers!)

“get off the grid” – Wow, that sounds so much more threatening then I meant for it to. Oh, and by the way, apparently this can also refer to going green. That’s not how I meant it. At. All.

“”wipeout” -hd -psp -pulse -pure –surfing”– I don’t know what I’m in more awe of- the fact that someone was searching for wipeout, or the number or terms they didn’t want included in the search. Wow.

“can you activate a starbucks gold card” – Yes, you could. By purchasing one. Last year. When they were selling the card. Now, you are out of luck. You can register a Starbucks card to enter the new rewards program though!

“in your darkest dreams, by emma woodhouse” – Did I mention that I was thinking about a little foray into thriller fiction? No? Oh well, all I have is the title so far… could someone Google me a plotline?

“don’t think that ever before” – …before what? The suspense is killing me!

“holiday rush sarcasm” – I googled this myself after it showed up on my search terms. For that day, I was the third hit for this search. Apparently I’m sarcastic. Really, you think? Who knew?

http://www.misswoodhousemusings.wordpress.com” – It’s http://, with no www. Just so you know.

“happy anniversary” – Awwww, thanks! What are we celebrating again?

“john the instigator” – Well, at least I’m not the one stirring up trouble this time. Thanks for taking the heat, John!

“it isn’t any trouble”– Hmph. That’s what you think.

“smile. it isn’t any trouble”– Sir, yes sir!

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Still Here

For those of you who have expressed concern that I fell into a caffeine-induced stupor and checked out of daily life, never fear! I’m still around.

It’s finals week for me, and perhaps the most difficult one of my college experience. I’m probably still worn out from last quarter’s intensity because I’ve not been able to get a grip on anything. Anyhoo…

How about some random thoughts to make up for my silence?

1. Driving through a construction zone with orange cones on either side of the car throws me emotionally right back to my Mario Kart days. This is not a good thing. I’m the kind of virtual driver who once she figures out which portion of the screen belongs to her spends the entire race trying simply to go the correct direction and not veer off the road. Driving through the construction zone today with the road zigging and zagging like the road to Hana brought back a flash of those Mario-induced panic attacks. Maybe I should slow down on that road until they finish the renovations sometime in 2042.

2. Did you know that green tea gives more of a caffeine jolt per cup than coffee? Iced Zen Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks makes pulling an all-nighter so easy! The combination of caffeine and sugar is perfect. I didn’t even notice that I had made it to 7 am this morning until I submitted my paper and saw the time stamp. Thanks, Sbux!

3. Today is my parent’s 37th anniversary, which I think is absolutely mind-bogglingly, amazingly, fantastically cool. Happiest of Anniversaries, Mum and Dad, and many more to come!

That, I think, will do for now. Two more tests to go- then get the party started!

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