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Hey Soul Sister!

I don’t know how it happened. I mean, I love the song “Hey Soul Sister”- like, realllllly love it. Then one day, I started humming it at work. Once my shift stopped groaning about my choice of music, she looked at me and said, “You know, that song is so you!”

Oh, really? Okay.

Honestly, I thought that it would all fizzle out- I still liked the song, but that was that. Except, that wasn’t that. People started texting me when they heard the song, or messaging me when it came on the radio. It was weird…nice, but weird. To this day, I don’t know what it is about the song that makes people say that it is “me”, but I’m not complaining. It’s a great song, and Train is a great group. Granted, it’s a little weird to get a text that simply says “Your lipstick stains”, but it’s really nice to know that people are thinking about you. Right?

Another random fact about me: I like the Glee covers of songs. Forget the show- the covers rock! I really can’t think of a Glee cover that wasn’t as good as, if not usually better, than the original. So, imagine my surprise and delight when last night I stumbled on the newest Glee cover for this week.

You guessed it! It’s “Hey Soul Sister”!

So, enjoy- I am!


I’m Not Dead

Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not dead. Thanks to all of you who keep faithfully checking in here for new content- I promise to get my act together asap!

In the meantime, how about a little bit of Starbucks related humour? This video always makes me giggle. :)


Rising Glory

Today at church, the pastor made a point about how the sunrise slanting through his windshield this morning reminded him of the glory of God. It is beautiful and radiant, but at the same time it makes you squint and wince. You have to get beyond that initial blindingness, and wait to be able to see God’s glory fully, to let it illuminate and light up your life like the sun lights the day. (Okay, those last thoughts are mine, but it all ties together.)

This song came to mind while he was talking, so I thought that I would share it with you all!

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A Friend Indeed

Lately I’ve been thinking about what makes people friends. To be honest, I have one of the most eclectic collection of friends. Some of my friends get me because we are similar, and other get me because…well, I’m still not sure why they get me, but they do. And I get them. That’s the magic of friendship.

However, my friends don’t necessarily run in the same circles. They can appreciate each other, but none of them are BFFs in their own right. For many of them, I’m the only reason that they would ever meet, connect, or even acknowledge each other’s existence.

It’s a weird thing, when you think about it.

In fact, take a moment to think about it.

Think about all your friends. Think about why you know them, how you met them, how they interact with each other. You may be friends with some of them because they were friends with each other before. Or, maybe you are that link between people, a person who brings unlikely others together.

So what makes people friends? I don’t know. Trust, shared experiences, similar thoughts, these all play a huge role in most friendships. But I’m also friends with people with whom I don’t really share experiences, who don’t think the same way I do about major issues. Besides, I don’t necessarily trust all my friends.

I don’t know what it is then; I don’t know what makes some people friends and others not. However, I do know that when you find a good friend, you better hold on to them, treat them well, and work at growing your friendship.

A good friend is hard to find.



Pretty In Pink

Aw, I love this flower! Problem is, my photographer’s eye and…I… just look for beauty and neither of us have any clue as to what kind of flower this is. If you can point me in the right direction, I’d be forever grateful. Just leave your suggestions in the comments.

So, this is another shot from the photoshoot last fall. Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been a year since this day at the Botanical Gardens. We had such a fun time wandering all over the park…I really need to go back in the spring. Well, anyways, there you have it; we’ll call this “Pretty Pink Flower” until a better name comes up!



So, you may have noticed those cute, colourful little buttons on my sidebar. It’s now time to explain what there are and why there are there!

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. In November, aspiring writers from all over the world strive to write 50,000 words by the end of the month, resulting in a “complete” novel. The focus is on quantity, not quality. Too often writers get bogged down in the details of their writing, get too involved with the characters and the plot. The result is a shelf full of notebooks half-filled with remnants of stories. The goal with NaNoWriMo is to get out a raw outline, raw situations, and a decent conclusion. Chances are that your novel is going to end up being more than 50,000 words, but it’s a really good start.

Yes, I’m crazy, but I’m giving it a shot.

Wanna join in the literary insanity? You can add me as a writing buddy: MsWoodhouse.

Have fun…