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PhotoShop: The Journey Begins!

It’s interesting: over the past few years, PhotoShop has come to mean so much more than a simple editing program. Just like we say “Google” to describe people using a meta-search engine to find out information, so we apply the phrase “PhotoShop” when we intend on editing a picture.

Such a common phrase. Such a simple goal: to edit/fix/improve pictures.


Apparently, when I bought PhotoShop Elements 6 last year (Please, no comments on the Elements portion of that title. The fact that Elements is stumping me is a crushing blow to my ego.) I had no idea exactly what I was getting into. I loaded it on my old laptop, and played around with it a bit. Really though, the most I did was to take a prom picture and change the background colour to match the scrapbook paper we wanted to mat it on.

Kid’s play. Silly stuff. Then that laptop died.

So, I got a new laptop- the one I use now. (It’s a Sony Vaio CS series and I love it! Really, I should do a post on how great it is….) This was right before school started up in the fall, so I only loaded the absolute necessities: Flash for school, Microsoft Word for school, Microsoft PowerPoint for school, iTunes for…school…erm, yeah. Moving on….

The thing I neglected to install was PhotoShop Elements; at least, until a few weeks ago. You see, I had to install it. There was this great picture:

See? Pretty water, pretty fountain, lovely trees, nice reflections, and great contrast with the black and white. Except, there’s this cart. Trolley, really. You see, there was a wedding across the lake, and that trolley brought the wedding guests and some of the wedding party. I can’t really complain about it, but still…a perfectly beautiful shot ruined.

Or is it?

I decided to work a little PhotoShop magic (alright, alright PhotoShop Elements magic!). Granted, I admit that I knew nothing of what I was doing. I didn’t know anything about layers (Like a cake! But not a “piece of cake” I tell ya….), how the clone tool works (Oh! It moves in tandem!), or how to get a shadow out of water. However, I don’t think that it turned out too badly:

I mentioned in the blog title that this was the beginning of a journey for me. That’s because I’ve been lucky enough to have an awesome customer offer to help me out with PhotoShop (Elements). Thus, I’m now working my way through this PhotoShop class manual. I’m not doing great, but I’m starting to understand some of the basic elements. I think…sort of…*looks for the curve option*….

All that to say, I’m hoping to have some more cool PhotoShop examples ¬†for you all in the near future!

As usual, click on the pictures to see them full size….