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This Race Can Be Won

You know, I really love when God uses music to minister to us…especially when He uses special people to bring said music to you. For today’s Music Monday, we are going to jump back in time a few weeks, back to the days of stress, strife, and suffering. Those deep, dark, dreary days known as…Spring Semester.

I don’t remember too much about this last semester. All I remember is being exhausted, reading and writing lots of words, and basically mainlining caffeine in any form possible. I spent whole days and nights at the dining room table, articles spread from one edge  to the other, a few bottles of caffeine scattered in the midst of the papers, and me and my laptop valiantly plugging away.

In the midst of one such session, I received a message from a dear friend in the form of a YouTube video link. I almost ignored it – how important could it be? It could wait a few days. Then, I glanced at the time. It had been over six hours since I last took a break from this paper. It was time for a little brain vacation. So, I clicked the link.

Boy, was that the right choice. Such an amazingly encouraging song!!!! I could literally feel energy running back into my soul. The song was instantly downloaded from iTunes, and I used to to get through the next hours of crunch time.

My friend didn’t know what I was going through. He didn’t know how weary I was. But he sent the encouragement to me anyways, and that means the world. Thank God for friends (and songs!) like this to keep us focused and motivated on life’s journey!

Happy Monday! Stay strong.

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A Friend Indeed

Lately I’ve been thinking about what makes people friends. To be honest, I have one of the most eclectic collection of friends. Some of my friends get me because we are similar, and other get me because…well, I’m still not sure why they get me, but they do. And I get them. That’s the magic of friendship.

However, my friends don’t necessarily run in the same circles. They can appreciate each other, but none of them are BFFs in their own right. For many of them, I’m the only reason that they would ever meet, connect, or even acknowledge each other’s existence.

It’s a weird thing, when you think about it.

In fact, take a moment to think about it.

Think about all your friends. Think about why you know them, how you met them, how they interact with each other. You may be friends with some of them because they were friends with each other before. Or, maybe you are that link between people, a person who brings unlikely others together.

So what makes people friends? I don’t know. Trust, shared experiences, similar thoughts, these all play a huge role in most friendships. But I’m also friends with people with whom I don’t really share experiences, who don’t think the same way I do about major issues. Besides, I don’t necessarily trust all my friends.

I don’t know what it is then; I don’t know what makes some people friends and others not. However, I do know that when you find a good friend, you better hold on to them, treat them well, and work at growing your friendship.

A good friend is hard to find.