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About Me…

– avid reader

– prolific writer

– caffeine addict

– horrid speller

– music lover

– movie critic

– total geek

– industrious student

– devoted teacher

– loyal friend

I started this blog back in 2009, not really knowing what I was doing. Oh, I had read a lot of blogs- how hard could it be?

Harder than one might think. It’s always a challenge to find content that will appeal to your readership, to find a new edge or angle on old information, or to even build a readership for that matter.

Too, I’m a very private person by nature. Often, I’ll sit on a post for weeks or months before I publish it, trying to make sure that it is perfect, doesn’t reveal too much, and that it can’t be directly linked to something going on currently. With the exception of some Starbucks posts, mine is not the blog you come to for breaking news. I won’t have an inside scoop. Even if I do know something before anyone else, I’m always afraid to put it up here.

So what will you find here, then?

My heart. My musings. The things on my mind. The stories in my brain. The observations I make about life that I want to share with others. Photos that make me smile. Songs that brighten my day. Lyrics that heal my heart. Videos that make me laugh.

This is supposed to be about me, so here is all you need to know:

I’m a youngish woman about to hit my quarter-life crisis. I’m a devoted Christian, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve checked my brain at the door and will follow any “Christian” fad blindly. I’m a daughter to a wonderful mum and dad, sister to two awesome but somewhat trying brothers. I have a puppy all my own, and she spends her days alternately sleeping and fighting for dominance of the house with my younger brother’s puppy.

I graduated in 2011 from university with a major in English, a minor in Biblical Studies, and a mini-minor in Communication and Speech. I went to a Christian university, but again, I’m not a blind follower. I created waves in my four years there, and made a reputation as a wee bit of a trouble maker. I’m proud of that fact. I also made a name in a good way- starting the English Club, participating in the interview process for new faculty, and becoming well-liked by the staff and faculty.

I used to teach British Literature to high-schoolers. It wasn’t difficult, but it did require a lot of my time with all the grading and prepping and chasing down assignments and sometimes beating my head into a whiteboard until a better teaching idea comes to mind. Thankfully, I love it so it all worked out pretty well and I can’t wait to be able to teach again!

Ahhhh, now to the real draw for my blog. I work for Starbucks: bold barista, passionate partner. I love my job, I love my coworkers, I love my customers, I love my company. This does not mean that I don’t reach my wit’s end with all of the above and start muttering about decafing and rigging the whipped cream to explode- I totally do that. However, at the end of the day, I can’t imagine my life without Starbucks. I work hard, I work smart. I keep in the loop as much as possible so that I know what is going on when and where. Do I see Starbucks as my life long career? Not completely, I’d really like to teach college English for a living. However, do I look forward to quitting my job? No. Would I stay at Starbucks if given the opportunity? Absolutely. I’ve given up “real” jobs to stay with the company, so it’s not my time to leave yet. I’m in my 5th year as a barista/Assistant Store Manager, and I love love love my job. Hands down, Starbucks is the best thing that could have happened to me.

What else? I read a lot; I’m absolutely batty about books, which is why I was a lit major. Right now all my reading time is chewed up by 50-60 hour work weeks, but I read when I can. I collect books too- over 1000 at last count. I love technology. I blog (obviously), Twitter, Tumblr, Ping, Flickr, Instagram, basically do everything except Facebook. Sorry, but no go. I really love Twitter best- it’s a great place to connect with people and learn all sorts of cool stuff without spending hours clicking around the web. Think of it as the web coming to you! I’m somewhat crafty too- I love to scrapbook, cross-stitch, and knit when I have the time. Which isn’t often, but I try.

In my spare time, I like to hang out with friends and family. I’m always up for a Starbucks run, movie night, Buffalo Wild Wings at midnight, music sessions, and game nights. I cook when I can (see tag: Culinary Kitchen). I take photographs, and sometimes they come out okay (see tag: Friday Frame-Up). I’m a musician, and always have music on (see tag: Music Monday). I love archaeology, and the colour purple. I have super curly hair that runs my life. My favourite food is espresso with a side of coffee, chased down with tea. I’m a bit of a tech geek (see tag: Tech Tuesday), and LOVE new technologies and ideas. My tablet is my bff, and my phone never leaves my side.

I love England.

So, there you have it: me. Just a plain, simple, ordinary girl making the most out of an ordinary life. And loving every extraordinary minute!

2 responses to “About Me…

  1. Melody says:

    You did cover just about every social media. What about Quora? Do you have a Quora profile.

    I really enjoy this, and it looks to me like you are a great speller! I didn’t know you knit too.

    • I’ve never tried Quora, but I think I might at some point. Social media helps me pass my Communications classes! :D

      Spell-check is my best friend, and yes I knit! I always enjoy seeing your projects when you share them. :)

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