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Mum’s Birthday Blog

on 19 August 2011


2:20 – Just chased Mum down the hall, laughing, with a pot of foundation. Perhaps that’s enough said?

3:01 – At Red Lobster so Mum can have her favourite Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp!




3:54 – Stuffed! Wonder what’s next?

7:10 – Game time! Let the sacrilege begin….


7:44 – Singing along to the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, Starlight Express.

8:14 – Mum: Em, you want to make the dip?
Me: I haven’t been doing well with that lately.
Brother: Well, we have graham crackers…
…and frosting.

8:48 – Playing Bananagrams! image

10:00 – Watching the film adaptation of Dead Man’s Folly. Always a Folliet at Nasse…House….

11:22 – Birthday cake! Pie! Ice cream…something!!!!

3 responses to “Mum’s Birthday Blog

  1. Mum says:


    Thank you for a most wonderful and relaxing birthday. You make all things lovely and fun, (except for beating me at Bananagrams AND Apples to Apples!).

    I love you tooooooo much!


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