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Droid Wars- 1.2

on 4 February 2011

Ah, the live blogging returns! Remember this? Well, Mum had to get a new Hero, so we’ve got to set stuff up. Here we go again….

11:39– Starting up!


Me- “What’s your password?”

Mum- “I don’t remember. The usual.”

Me: “Well, that’s not working.”

Mum- “Don’t you remember when we set it up?”

Me- “No, because you wouldn’t tell me.”

Mum- “No way!”

Me- “Yes, you said you would remember, I asked you to tell me for backup, you said you wouldn’t because you would remember, I said you should tell me anyway, you said you’d remember, I said you wouldn’t, you said you would, I said I would blog it, you said ‘Don’t!'”

Mum- *laughs* “Oh, that’s funny. You should blog that!”


Mum- “Wait, you mean that all those people with gmail accounts have a Google account? I didn’t know that’s what the G stood for!”


Me- “You…spelled out all the numbers in your email address?”

Mum- “I did?”

Me- *facepalm*


Me- “Here, you can search for Ringdroid.”

Mum- “Is this going to wake my brain up? It is almost midnight!”


To be continued on the morrow….

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