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5 *Very* Random Things You Don’t Know About Me (and probably didn’t need to know either):

  1. I used to hate coffee, and would only drink it with a TON of sugar and cream. This was only 2 years ago too…true fact.
  2. I didn’t drink caffeinated sodas until I was 13. I’m making up for those lost years now.
  3. I love shoes from both ends of the spectrum: I love little, cute ballet flats as well as 3-4 inch heels! However, I refuse to wear a 1-2 inch heel. Weird, yeah?
  4. C. S. Lewis’s the Chronicles of Narnia were the first fantasy books I ever read, followed closely by the Redwall series. I’ve been hooked on fantasy ever since! (Don’t believe me? Snoop around my Library….)
  5. I play several different instruments (primarily flute, piano, and violin), and teach music as well. One of my dreams? To play at or conduct an orchestra in Carnegie Hall. Seriously. Look for me in 15-20 years!
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