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on 4 February 2013

Gentle Readers,

I’m excited. A few weeks ago I noticed that my phone showed a 4G connection at school. Then at a local mall. Sunday I saw it at church. And tonight, tonight I found it in my neighbourhood.

For those of you not tech savvy, 4G refers to how your phone or other mobile device connects to the internet, phone services, messaging, pretty much everything. I usually explain 4G as the equivalent of broadband versus dial-up. It isn’t a perfect or complete metaphor, but it works.

So, why does this matter to me? Mostly because I live on my phone. Blog posts? Written on my phone. Tweets? Phone. Netflix? Phone. Games? Phone. Note taking? Phone. Emails? I think you get the picture. I’m very excited to have excellent, fast service no matter where I go.

For those of you wondering, I have an HTC EVO 4G LTE. I loooove it to death. HTC puts out some quality phones, and the EVO line is my favourite so far. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a lovely phone too, in case you’re in the market to buy a new phone.

It should also go without saying that I’m Team Andriod. Apple is pretty, but Droids have my heart.

Until tomorrow,

Miss W


4 responses to “GGGG

  1. Fox says:

    We have better apps and a somewhat creepy small woman living in our phones. On second thought maybe you have a point. O.o

  2. ensanguin says:

    Hooray! I have an EVO 4G LTE as well, but without the 4G service. I would be absolutely ecstatic to find 4G service around here. :-)

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