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Superbrawl Sunday

on 3 February 2013

Gentle Readers,

The thought crossed my mind tonight that we, as a people in general, are very myoptic. Take today, for example: Superbowl Sunday. The day that brings strangers together, divides families into factions, causes pastors to cut short their sermons, and makes watching commercials worthwhile. Bottle-making companies raise a glass. Buffalos hide their wings. Chips prepare to be dipped.

It all sounds like fun.

But there’s another side to all of this. When the beer has all been consumed, people then get behind the wheel. Chicken bones lodge in throats. Dips sit out too long and breed bacteria. (Sounds lovely, I know. Hang in there, I do have a point.) Feuds surface. Fights break out.

People get hurt.

For police, fire, EMS, and hospitals, days like today aren’t fun and games. They are busy nights, crazy nights, nights where people do stupid things and they have to fix it. They deserve a round of applause and thanks for giving up their fun times to be ready and alert to fix whatever aftermath might occur from everyone else’s fun times.

So, next Superbowl/4th of July/Halloween/random holiday, think before you act. Remember that your actions have consequences, and your consequences could affect other people around you.

In simplest terms: don’t be stupid. I’m sure your local ER will thank you!

Until tomorrow,

Miss W


2 responses to “Superbrawl Sunday

  1. Thank you for this post. Most people just see the fun of it while people in public safety and law enforcement dread days like these. I’ve never been a big holiday fan personally, but having worked the last all holidays starting in August, I especially hate them now.

    Not only will your local ER thank you for not being stupid, but you’ll thank you as well when you’re not responsible for the loss of someone’s life due to your stupidity.

    • Thanks for the confirmation, and thank *you* for being around on holidays (and every day) to straighten people’s messes. And I totally agree, a little personal responsibility goes a looooooong way to a happier, jail free life!

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