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Accentuate the Positive

on 2 February 2013

Gentle Readers,

People and situations have been a wee bit…shall we say “trying” of late. It’s only to be expected; anytime you interact with others, tensions are bound to occasionally run high.

At Starbucks, we’ve been talking a lot about “assuming positive intent” when it comes to customer service. This idea has also arisen in other articles and conversations, but Starbucks expresses it best. It is easy to apply this principle at work. One only has to be nice for a few hours before the shift is over or it is time for a break. We can do just about anything, cope with just about anything, if we know it will eventually end soon.

But how does this look in day to day life? I think it means that we shouldn’t take things so personally. For example, maybe a friend is shoving their achievement in your face for the umpteenth million time. You can be completely human and see it as a malicious attempt to make you feel inferiour. Or, you can choose to see it as your friend being so genuinely excited about something good that they need constant affirmation to believe it is real.

Of course, chances lean in the favour of this person being thoughtless and selfish, but what good is dwelling on that mindset going to do you? By assuming positive intent, you empower yourself to smile, encourage, walk away, and forget the whole interaction. What’s the point of letting something eat you up? It doesn’t harm the other person, it just drives you crazy.

That’s today’s challange. Assume positive intent…how does that look in your life? Feel free to share!

Until tomorrow,
Miss W


2 responses to “Accentuate the Positive

  1. Fox says:

    I think that’s what I mean when I tell people it’s all about perspective. It’s about how you choose to see things. I was told once that you can’t control what cards you’re dealt but you can control how you play them. (Okay I *may* have been in a gambling den at the time but I really feel that’s irrelevant here).

    Lately I’ve just kept reminding myself that pain always ends. It just does. Then you breathe.

    • Could not agree with you more. Was listening to “Breathe (2 am)” last night…sometimes that is all we can do. Other times, it is all we *should* do. Your dealer was a very wise person…just play the hand your been dealt. :)

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