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on 1 February 2013

Gentle Readers,

My goal for this month is to try and blog something every day. We will see how this goes!

January was a fairly uneventful month, a welcome relief after the craziness of the holidays. This is the first year our family did not go to The Land Of No Internet, so the first year that I worked all through the holiday season.

Oh. Em. Gee. In case you didn’t know, people are craaaazaaay around the holidays. They are so stressed out that they don’t know up from down, right from left, in from out…and since I work in customer service it is all my fault. Thankfully our awesome regulars made the crazies seem less daunting, and we all survived.

My Brit Lit class just ended their Pepys diary assignments, which is what gave me the inspiration to start blogging again. Even with all the social media around…Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, oh my…they still struggled to write down a daily recap of their day. Samuel Pepys is famous for his diary, for his general, informal, everyday observations on life. From the coronation of a king, to the great fire of London, to a day spent with friends, Pepys recorded it all. He didn’t know how important his writings would be to world, but we are grateful for them to this day. So, who knows? Maybe one of my students will end up being the Pepys of this generation…or maybe not. Either way, recording life is rarely a waste.

Until tomorrow,

Miss W


2 responses to “Goals

  1. Just want to wish you luck on blogging something new everyday. Lots of blogging gurus recommend that strategy. I think it can be incredibly useful to do as one month exercise, but unwise to maintain because the quality of your content may decline. In any case, I want to say that I always do enjoy your articles! Good luck Barista Ems!

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