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A Big Announcement

on 21 January 2012

Soooo, I know I promised a Starbucks post soon to come. And trust me, it is still to come…but this is important. Big. Exciting (at least to me).

Here’s another random Starbucks picture to make up for the delay:

We good? Okay!

Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, I was having a random conversation with my SM and mentioned I was looking for something. Monday night, she called me saying her husband might have found it for me, did I want him to check it out? BOY DID I! But I tried not to get my hopes up.

Tuesday morning he went to look at it. They called me and said that everything looked good, so the ball was in my court. I took a drive out to see it, and unexpectedly fell in love. Tuesday night I ran it by my parents and we agreed to pursue obtaining this object.

Wednesday, Dad drove out to conduct his own investigation. All came back well. We put in a low bid…too low for the seller to be willing to accept. He told us that there was another buyer interested. I’ll be honest, I lost hope and pretty much gave up any thought of getting this item.

Thursday I went out to do a final inspection just on the off chance that the other potential buyer didn’t make a higher bid. Bad idea, because it only confirmed how much I wanted it. At prayer that night, I prayed the same thing that I had prayed Monday night: If I’m supposed to get this, please let it work out. If I’m not, then please make it fall through.

Today, Friday, we reached a happy money medium and tomorrow morning it’s going to be mine all mine!!!!!!! I’m very excited.


I gave three clues on Twitter tonight, each one giving a hint to a letter that spells out the object. Ready? Here they are:

1.  “I never saw a moor, I never saw the ***, But know I how the heather looks….”

2.  It’s a kind of frame house.

3.  “*** Town”


Can you guess?????

It’s a car!!!!! A cute little Honda Civic Coupe that handles just how I like it. Isn’t it pretty?




I need to spend some time with it to decide if it is a girl or a boy, and what I am going to name it. But with my busy schedule, the car and I will be spending a ton of quality time together. Like I said, I buy it officially tomorrow, then take it to my friend for him to do some minor repairs, and I should have my own wheels by next week!

Thanks for sharing in my good news with me!



10 responses to “A Big Announcement

  1. Brendan says:

    Everyone needs their own wheels(well that isn’t strictly true, but I am sure it is some modern right of passage anywway)

  2. Jenny says:

    Yay! New cars are exciting!

  3. Helvetika says:

    That is an awesome little car! Also, as long as they’re well taken care of, Hondas seem to be able to last forever :)

  4. leslie says:

    WHOOT! She is a doll! (Yes, I said “she”.)

  5. Tony says:

    Did you name it yet?! woot for Hondas! (I’m kind of a fanboy, lol). I have a Civic Coupe, too! Her name’s Sora :D

    • Awesome!!!! Yay team Honda! :) No, I haven’t named her yet, but I have decided that it is a “her.” I am kinda thinking Kaylee ala Firefly, but we’ll see. Is Sora from Kingdom Hearts, or something else?

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