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Blonde, Bold, and Beautiful

on 10 January 2012

Today, Starbucks is launching a new line of coffees! They are a lighter roast then any of our current lineup, and we affectionately call them our “blonde” coffees. Our usual core lineup is undergoing a repackaging and renaming phase as well; we now use the terms “medium” and “dark” to replace bold and extra bold.

So! The two new blonde coffees are Willow (yes, yes, go ahead and talk about whipping your hair back and forth) and Veranda, with Willow also being offered in decaf. Willow is a multi region blend with a bright clean finish, and Veranda is for you fans of Latin American coffees with a mellow and soft body. Not only do these have a lighter taste, but they also have a slightly higher caffeine content, so more pickup in your cup!

Medium still hosts our core classics: House, Pike Place, Breakfast Blend, Guatemala Antigua, Organic Yukon, Kenya, as well as our Iced Coffee blend.

Dark holds many of my favourites: Gold Coast (now Morning Joe), Komodo Dragon, Espresso, Italian, French, Verona, and the best one of all, Sumatra.

For you reserve and seasonal coffee fans, fear not! They will still make their way to our shelves at their appointed time. The best part about all this? (I mean, besides offering a new line of coffee that people are going to love.) We got new coffee passports! They are called coffee tasting guides, and I can’t stop reading mine.


So, that’s about all for now. Make sure to stop by your local Starbucks this weekend for our special “Find the Roast You Love the Most!” event! We’ll help you decide if Blonde, Medium, or Dark is the right roast for you…or maybe you’ll like them all! Who knows, so go in and find out!


5 responses to “Blonde, Bold, and Beautiful

  1. Chad says:

    Just a thought, Blonde, Medium, Dark is more appropriate than Mild, Bold, Extra Bold – think about it – the new coffees aren’t weak coffees, they still have full flavor, it’s just that the flavor isn’t so dominated by smoke and roastiness… My new fave is Willow – I love the crazy brightness of it, the zing rules, and you can actually taste some really great citrius and pineapple in there… so delicious!

    • Agreed! If you haven’t spent time studying coffee, then our old system was a confusing maze. :) I’ve heard wonderful things about Willow, so I can’t wait to try it. Sounds like it would be a good iced coffee for summer too. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  2. This is exciting :) (Although, one more change I have to get used to) Hmm… Thinking about trying the blondes just to see. Caffeine has little to no effect on me which is unfortunate, so I’m hoping the flavor isn’t too light. Or mellow. Whatever the correct termage is.

  3. Only in the morning? :\ I’ll probably have to drink the blondes straight then ;) I’m still excited though!

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