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on 18 December 2011

I’ve graduated!!!!!!!!

I was so, so ready to graduate. I’m tired of the endless papers, of trying to cram interesting readings into a ridiculously short amount of time, of reading badly spelt post after poorly structured post, of listening to students whine and professors drone. I love to learn, but college will suck the life and joy out of discovery.

The more I talk with other graduates, the more I realise how lucky I am. I have a teaching job, a steady income job, music students, and plenty of other things to keep me busy while building my resume. At the same time, I’m already looking at Master’s programs. While that sounds like I’m all on top of things, really I’m very far behind. But here’s the deal: I’m tired. Stressed out. I’m carrying anywhere from 30-40 hours of work on top of a full load of credits, and have done so for some time. I rarely sleep. I forget to eat until nearly midnight. Why should I kill myself with more school when I’m plenty young yet and have teaching jobs already? I’ll take my B.A. and be happy with it for a year or two.

Still, there’s an element of urgency in my search for a Masters/Doctorate program. There are so many out there: do I go with a dual Masters/Doctorate, should I do them¬†separately, should I stay in the US or go abroad, do I complete my advanced degrees in general areas, or should I specify my degree down to one area of expertise? Oh, and don’t forget about the battery of tests I need to take in order to apply to programs, the grammar review I’ll need because I am the WORST grammartician out there (see, I even make up silly words), plus becoming proficient in TWO foreign languages. Yes, I said TWO. (Because speaking English properly isn’t hardcore enough, I guess.)

It’s all very overwhelming to think about.

Then, the other night, I heard this song. I’ve heard the song before, but never really listened to the lyrics much. (WHAT? I have other things to think about, silly people!) However, this one line of a song really jumped out and slapped me across the face:

You see, I think this is what a lot of us graduates do when we get ready to enter the “real world,” we get scared, freak out, and do ourselves a disservice by acting out of that fear. So here’s my challenge: let’s not act out of fear. It doesn’t matter if you graduated today or 20 years ago, don’t let your fears decide what kind of life you’ll lead. It’s never too late to change your fate, so let’s do it!!! All together now….


That's me!


7 responses to “Wyrd

  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I don’t know how you did it. I carried a full course load and didn’t work even part-time.

    And no, I don’t get the connection between the title and your post, but then I’m old, and I don’t know a lot of things you KIDS say. :D

  2. Mum says:


    Now, Hammie, come in off the ledge and get some sleep!

    Love you toooooooooo much,

  3. Fox says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! XD

    Enjoy the break. But I assure you that you’ll miss it soon enough. I realise that sounds like madness right now, but you will. And then you’ll be all :( :( :( :( :( :(!

    For grad school, you know you need to apply the year before you go, right? That means looking NOW if you want to attend one in a year. In fact most need an application by April. They don’t really give you time to think. Also, the grad schools here do not charge students extra tuition because you don’t live here. You pay the same rate as locals. Cool, huh? Just saying…

    Keep in mind that application fees are nonrefundable. They are due when you apply. So you’ll be sending $50 to $100 out every time you apply. Narrow your list as much as you can.

    And now that I’ve ruined your relaxtion (you’re welcome!) I am gonna go relax myself. :)

    • Harumph. Fine. See if I tell you next time I graduate. ;)

      I figure that about the end of January I will have a minor panic attack and start reading any textbook I can get my hands on, then writing papers to go with it. Stay tuned, it should be a hoot!

      Yeah, I’n okay with avoiding the grad school waters for a year or three. I’ll mostly likely apply for a Fall 2013 start date. Maybe 2014. There’s not a huge rush. I’d like to have/mostly have my PhD by 30, so that give me 6.5 years to complete a 2 year program. :D Thanks for the advice though.

      Glad you’re getting to relax, darlin’! :)

      • Fox says:

        That relaxing bit was a complete fabrication, but I shall let you continue to believe it. As far as the programs, 6.5 years is maybe not enough to finish a PhD. They say 1.5 years for a masters and 2 for a PhD but that’s a lie. I’m on my second year of master’s work and still don’t have a supervisor, much less a thesis. :/

        Consider 6 years about the average time. The classes will only take you 2 years, but the book you need to produce will take much longer and require multiple re-writes of several hundred pages along with all the research to go with it. It’s a pain. A time-consuming pain.

        And yeah, you should take time off and relax. It’s a good idea. I just don’t want you to enter a program with the same false info I had. O.0

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