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A Thanksgiving Memory

on 24 November 2011

Challenge: In class, we had to write a Thanksgiving memory in 2 minutes, highlighting the use of one sense.

It is not the bright sun that wakes me up early in the morning on Thanksgiving – no, it is the seductive scent of freshly roasting turkey which drifts up the stairs and gets me stirring. In the kitchen, I can hear my father at work, puttering around, opening the oven to baste the bird and letting loose more aromatics. Going into the kitchen, the smell of turkey mixes with the lemon scent of the sink, all freshly scrubbed and waiting for the onslaught of cooking. The stovetop pan bubbles with a combination of cinnamon, cloves, and apple juice, making a welcoming cider for the impending guests.

Your turn! In the comments, why don’t you share a quick Thanksgiving memory with us? I’d love to read it!


8 responses to “A Thanksgiving Memory

  1. lynoth says:

    Thanksgiving for me is about sound – the babble of 20 or more people, gathered in my mother’s home, each family adding its unique flavor to the mix.

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  3. Neeks says:

    For us it’s laughter. We don’t use the family time for arguments like so many holiday horror stories you hear. We use the time to connect and laugh with one another. Food is great as always, but the best for us is getting together in the evenings after supper to play UNO for a few hours!

  4. Mum says:

    LOVE the new format! Well done!


    p.s. get some sleep!

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