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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

on 23 August 2011

Today was the first day of my last semester.

No, I can’t believe I’m typing those words either!!!! As I drove to school this morning, I got to thinking (dangerous, I know…but it can’t be helped). It seems like just a few days ago that I drove the same car to the same parking lot, walked into the same building, and wandered the same halls searching for the¬†elusive room numbers.

At the same time, I remember every agonizing moment of each quarter: the growing pains as I adjusted to a classroom setting, the frantic pace of the eight-week classes, and the never ending panic attacks ensuing from technology that would never behave quite correctly.

I tried to focus on the good parts of today. Sure, there were the frustrations. Like large classes being shoehorned into awkward rooms, annoying freshies whining to their mummies about poor time management on the phone in the library, and the sneering arrogant attitudes of “those” students on campus. ¬†BUT there was good too. Like the people in both my classes. Like getting to sit next to classmates that I’ve known for years now, catching up on summer fun, sharing class schedules and plans for the future. Like sitting in the library for a few hours and getting homework done. Like discovering hidden gems in my textbooks that I can instantly start applying to my life. Like loving my professors. Like enjoying the beauty of campus on my two LONG WALKS from one end to the other.

None of this hit me until halfway through my last class. There I was, laughing at my professor’s jokes, swapping whispered comments with my friend sitting beside me, and I realized that I was having fun. I was finally sitting back and enjoying the process. I wasn’t worrying about what classes I’d have to take in the spring, if the course schedule would come out soon, if my grades would dip my GPA below scholarship standards. I wasn’t worried about having to save some brain cells to make it through the next semester too. I was just enjoying the process.

My goal is to keep that zen feeling throughout the next 17 weeks. 17 more weeks…then I have my Bachelor of Arts.

I’m excited.

2 responses to “Light At The End Of The Tunnel

  1. Catherine says:

    Great post–and what a fabulous outlook to have! Remember the “joys”–those will get you through. That’s what I do when I get frustrated/discouraged with some of my students LOL. You know how it goes ;-)

    Allons-y to a BA degree!

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