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on 19 June 2011

It’s interesting just how many memories one picture can bring to mind. This photo reminds me of my dad. It’s part of his childhood backyard…and though I don’t always enjoy physically being there, I do love the memories.

This picture reminds me of the times Dad and I wandered around the woods, looking at different trees, examining fauna, and finding the tree he carved his initials in so many years ago. See that old bird feeder? That used to be the first thing I’d beg Dad to do: help me get out the MASSIVE bag of birdseed and set it out fresh. It always takes the birds a few days to find the seeds, so minutes are of the essence.

We would watch squirrels too; watch them try to climb in the feeder, watch them fly from branch to branch, watch them chase each other for hours. Always, always entertaining.

So, thanks Dad for all the memories…here, there, and everywhere. Love you!

Happy Father’s Day


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