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Fill In The _____

on 18 May 2011

I use Google Chrome as a web browser, and I just love it! One of the things that makes Chrome awesome (besides how lightly it runs on the computer, the awesome add-ins, and fact that the search bar is integrated into the address bar so that you don’t have to remember if you are searching or going directly to a URL) is that it remembers your favourite sites. Whenever I start to type in an address, it culls through not only my recent history, but also suggests the sites I go to the most.

So, I thought it might be fun to share my “most visited” site from every letter in the alphabet:

A- My friend Allison’s blog.

B- The blog I run for my British Literature students.

C- Starbucks community site…sorry, partners only!

D- Daily Squee!!!! Such cute little animals.

E- The official (and dying) website of my University’s English Club. We are just so tired….

F- Formspring. I like to read the random and crazy answers people give to random and crazy questions.

G- GetGlue; like Foursquare, but for topics, books, movies, shows, music, people, etc. Fun!

H- Hulu. Awesome site for streaming TV shows. It’s how I keep up with Psych!

I- I Can Has Cheezeburger?

J- Blog that no longer is active. Sad….

K- Klout. Supposedly it measures the efficacy of your social networking, but most of us think it’s a joke.

L- LibraryThing!!!! Best. Site. Ever.

M- This blog. <3

N- Not Always Right. Funny site, not fully acceptable so I won’t link, but oh-so-funny-and-true!

O- The Owl at Purdue. THE site for MLA and APA help. Brilliant!

P- Sarah’s blog!!!

Q- Quora, a site I tried for a few months then deactivated. Not very user friendly, and a little pointless at this juncture.

R- My University’s website.

S- A friend’s private blog. Wish she updated more!!! (No pressure, just observation.)

T- Twitter. No one is surprised there….

U- Another friend’s blog that has moved elsewhere. Seeing a trend here.

V- Verizon. We have our interwebs with them.

W- Catherine’s blog!!!

X- xkcd Best webcomic in the world! Geeky and humourous!

Y- YouTube, of course.

Z- The only letter to take me…nowhere. Suggestions?

Now, I throw out the challenge to you, my fellow bloggers! Why not do a post of your own like this, and share the sites that you visit all the time? Happy linking!


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