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When Deep Purple Falls

on 5 April 2011

A while ago, this totally random conversation broke out about our favourite colours. Well, the general consensus (yes, I’m going to make a sweeping generalization here) is that purple rocks. Like, completely.

So, I sat back and listened to all these people talk about purple. And, I looked around my room and started to see just how much in my life is purple. I knew I had a lot of purple stuff, but all of a sudden I saw purple EVERYWHERE. So, I sent out a random tweet saying that it would make for an interesting blog post.

The response was surprisingly overwhelming: YES.

So, without further ado, a few random picture about all the purple in my life. Because purple rocks!


4 responses to “When Deep Purple Falls

  1. Fox says:

    Forget the purple, WHAT A CUTE FOXY YOU HAVE THERE! :D

  2. Lynoth says:

    YAAAAAAAY! lots and lots of purple!!

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