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A Starbucks Story

on 19 March 2011

It was the best of closes, it was the worst of closes…actually it was tonight’s close!

We were having a good night. My coworkers were wild and crazy, and there were lots of hugs, jokes, pranks, insults, and songs.

…Justin Bieber songs, but no night is *perfect*.

As much as we hated to do so, shift and I sent our dear singing precloser home a little early to save labour. We were good, we were ahead of the game. We were set to close at 9:30, and get out well before 10.

Then, 9:15 happened. A very, very nice man walked into the store and informed us that he was turning off the water.

Say WHAT?????

I’ve never seen that look of blank shock on my shift’s face before. She just stood there, the Daily Coverage Report about to slide out of her hands. It was…disturbing. So, I jumped in to the situation, chatted with the guy (who was WONDERFULLY understanding), and we negotiated a 10 pm water shut off.

Whew. Disaster averted.

The only problem is that Mr. Water Man wasn’t hopeful that we would have water for open tomorrow. Or for the morning rush. Or, like, until 10-11 am tomorrow morning.

Let’s make a list of why we need water:

Espresso shots

Coffee brewing

Rinsing pitchers

Washing dishes

Washing hands


…just to name a few things.

Oh, and my manager is the opening shift.

So I focus in on dishes. The sooner I could get done, the sooner he could get to work, the sooner we could have water back. Scrub, swish, stack, sanitize, shelve!

It’s now 9:28. Almost there…so close….

…and a guy comes in. Asks if we are open. We say “for a few more minutes” and he says “good, I have a couple of drinks.”

He then proceeds to order:

4 grande caramel frappuccinos

3 grande vanilla lattes

2 strawberries and cream frappuccinos

1 iced grande caramel macchiato

We are down to one espresso machine so I could ensure both got rinse cycles before the drought. We only have out one blender pitcher because we were cleaning the others (see re: coming drought). Oh, and because he is still there, fussing over his order, other orders came in behind him. Somehow, shift and I crank these drinks out in record time, only closing a few minutes after our “shut door” time.

But now we are now *so* behind the power curve.



But there is no recovery. We clock out 10 minutes late, chewing up all the labour we saved earlier by sending Bieber Boy home.


So much promise…so much potential….

Chocolate ice cream? Don’t mind if I do!

8 responses to “A Starbucks Story

  1. ST says:

    You told this story very well. I enjoyed reading it– a good laugh. Hope to hear how it went the following morning!! and I love the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference in your subtitle :)

    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad that it made you laugh! :)

      So glad you got the HGTTG reference. Have to let my inner geek out somehow. :D Thanks for stopping by and commenting…. -Miss W

  2. Catherine says:

    Ugh–I hate when stuff like that happens and then everything is ruined/escalates. At least you see it in a very comical way now (though I’m sure you didn’t that night & I wouldn’t have blamed you!)

  3. Omg! I hate that crap! We are on a major highway and there is always power outages right by us! Then when we try to get customers o sit outside because we have to lock down the store I feel awful. And it never fails someone pounds on the door even though the lights are out and a sign on the door and we blocked the drive thru.

    And if course it never fails when you sen the pre closer early you will get slammed in some way shape or form. But it sounds like you guys still rocked it!

    • Ugh, I am so grateful for our amazing generators – how frustrating that must be!!! And yes, Murphy’s Law is always alive and well at the ‘bux. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! -MissW

  4. Fox says:

    I don’t have a real comment on this story. I just wanted to say that your blog title is now bigger than my laptop. That is all. O.o

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