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ll = Pause

on 15 February 2011




Brilliant blog ideas are bouncing around in my head. Words that need to be written, want to be written, demand to be written. I want to blog!

But, it’s after midnight here. In 9 hours I have to be in class…haven’t done the reading for this class in 2 weeks (funerals and class¬†cancellations put it on the back burner). Then I have to prep to teach at 2:30. Then, class at 6. Paper is due in that class…I’ve written the title so far.

And so life goes. I’m starting to drown a bit, so I need to step back, take a break. Hopefully in March I will be back on a regular basis. Until then, the posts will be sparse.

Stick with me?


4 responses to “ll = Pause

  1. mum says:


    Love you,

  2. Catherine says:

    Of course! After all, you’ve been sticking with me through my major pauses in blogging :P

    • Dear me, yes! And haven’t I been nice not to come over and bug you about it? ;) Do miss your posts though and can’t wait to have them back…ya’ know, when you find copious amount of free time. :D

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