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O’re The Ramparts We Watched…Or Something Like That

on 7 February 2011

The National Anthem. It’s got a great story. Beautiful history. It’s the¬†ultimate¬†expression of the tenacity and bravery of Americans in the face of overwhelming odds. Even through the darkest night, with bullets and rockets everywhere, our flag still stands.

It deserves to be sung with passion, dignity, power, and emotion. It deserves to be sung like this:

It does NOT deserve the butchering that it got at the SuperBowl LXV last night. No song deserves this, let alone a National Anthem:

So, there you have it. I must go weep for America’s future now….

4 responses to “O’re The Ramparts We Watched…Or Something Like That

  1. Jon Suk says:

    Well said. Something sad about a major American star, who is given the stage at arguably one of the most celebrated of American sporting events, being watched by millions in the US and abroad, put on such an embarassing performance. Pity.

  2. mum says:

    I’ve been pondering this for almost a week. I remember a time when the cameras would scan to stands, the players and the sidelines to see almost everyone not only singing the words, but having his or her right hand placed over the heart.

    Now, not so much. I think that says many things….does the average American even know all the words? Do they understand the history the words portray? Are they moved at the sight of our flag? What happened?

    State of the union, and all that…..

    I’m so glad it resonates in your heart!
    Love you too much,

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