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Testing, Testing, TRENTA!

on 10 January 2011

Okay, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. A really, really, really long time. SUCH A LONG TIME.

But, it’s here. It’s finally, finally here.

I’ve held it in my hands. I’ve seen the labels. I’ve heard the news.

Trenta has come to my Starbucks.

What????? You don’t know what Trenta is???? It’s a 31 ounce cold cup for iced teas and iced coffees. For someone who can go through 3-4 venti iced teas per work shift or study session, it’s a dream come true!

It’s not as bad as you might think. It just looks like someone stttttrrrrrreeeeeetttttcccchhhhheeeeeddddd out a venti cup  a little bit. See? Look at the whole family together!

Tall Grande Venti Trenta!

I’m pretty excited. This particular rollout starts on the 18th (NEXT WEEK!!!), so check with your local store to see if you can try out the new size yourself. Happy drinking!


10 responses to “Testing, Testing, TRENTA!

  1. Sarah says:

    I really want to try one of these! I keep hearing about them. I could definitely go for a Trenta passion tea lemonade. Iced. And delightful. Mmm… Now I’m really craving one!

    P.S. I’m passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! The web badge is up on my blog. :-)

    And I’ll be letting you know if I see the Trenta pop up in any Starbucks near me!

    • I hope you get Trenta too! I’ve been dreaming about green tea lemonades… :D This is a fairly diverse rollout, so chances are good. :)

      Thanks so much for the award- I’ll work on that post asap! <3

  2. Melody says:

    I could drink a Trenta passion tea in the summer but I can’t imagine finishing one otherwise. Seems like most of the nation is launching the Trenta on either 1-18 or 2-1, but it is NOT coming to Seattle. It almost feels like we will be the minority when it comes to cold cup sizes.
    I wrote a blog post on the Trenta eons ago about renaming this cold cup size. I remember hearing random gossip that Howard didn’t very much very like the sound of the name “Trenta” but eventually gave in. So my blog post was a renaming blog post. :) (Link in name goes to the Trenta blog post)

    • This is definitely something that if you drink a lot of tea or iced coffee anyways will be a benefit. I spent yesterday talking it up to the people who drink 2-3 iced venti coffees/teas a day…they are excited!

      As for the name, I’m not sold either. We still have plenty of customers who like to razz us about what a stupid label Venti is, can’t wait for their reaction to Trenta. ;) But overall, it should be interesting. Now, if Starbucks would just take the Greek yogurt out of the iced short cups, I’d be completely happy. :D

  3. Melody says:

    MissWoodhouse – Re: Short iced cups – When Starbucks tested the “Sorbetto” (quite a treat) it came in a ten ounce iced cold cup! I’ve often thought that would make a good kid’s size, though perhaps it’s not profitable. Probably takes nearly the same labor and ingredients to make the “Tall” size, so I doubt the “short” cup will ever become reality. And besides, we seem to be moving in the other direction. “Super Gigante” 60-ounce cold cup is probably next by 2015. ;)

    • lol! I’m sure that profits wouldn’t recoup a short, but we get so many requests for them that it’s hard to have to keep saying “no.” I’ve just never understood why they wouldn’t bring out a cold short cup, yet the Greek yogurt is in a fully functional iced short cup. Really, it’s laughable. :D

      But when Super Gigante comes out, I hope you ask Starbucks for naming credit. ;)

  4. Mr_Delacerna says:

    Call management tell them about the I.V Drip of espresso. Waiting for them to make a 40oz cup of coffee.. Until then I will continue with my Travelers box of Bold and my wacky sippy straw..

    • Hey, I never thought of ordering a coffee traveler for one! One of my best friends and I can go through a traveler in about an hour, but for one? Genius! I’ll see what I can do about the IV drip though. ;)

  5. Mr_Delacerna says:

    I go through a traveler box in 40 Minutes by myself that’s a sad statement to make on my end…Shows my addiction to coffee..and baristas haha

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