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Clean Slate

on 1 January 2011

A new year is upon us.

If you listen to the rumours floating around, 2011 may be the last full year that we have left before the world implodes in 2012 because the Mayans couldn’t create a self-sustaining calendar. Or something like that.

I, suffice it to say, don’t believe in silly things like this. However, I think I’m going to issue myself a challenge this year. And if I’m going to try it, I’d love for you all to join me in my quest.

Let’s live 2011 as if it truly was our last year alive.

Let’s savour every moment. Let’s mend bridges with people. Let’s wipe our grudge slates clean and give everyone a fresh start. Let’s give ourselves fresh starts. Let’s take risks. Let’s work hard, but remember to play hard as well. Let’s not let little things blow out of proportion. Let’s acknowledge when we see people acting extraordinary. Let’s purpose to BE extraordinary. Let’s love more. Let’s laugh more. Let’s exist with intention.

Are you with me?

Ready…set…go rock your world!


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