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The last hours of 2010

on 31 December 2010




Live blog time! Excuse the mess…it’s from my phone. Will tidy it up soon!

21:03- Food, Rummikub, and the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice. Brie and Colin Firth for the win! 

21:19- It is a tradition that everyone picks a snack:
Dad- homemade onion dip and Conns potato chips.
Mum- her friend Lisa’s sister’s sweet/savory cheeseball.
Brother- Pizza rolls.
Me- Brie and bread.
Plus, we have fresh popped corn from a local farm. All yummy!

21:33- Moar Rummikub!

21:44- Mum won the first round of Rummikub, but I think I’ll take her this round…maybe. *grins*

21:55- Video 2 of 6 for Pride and Prejudice. And I’m stuffed…didn’t even eat that much!

Brother- Where are all the 3s???
Dad- Hidin’…or Bach.

22:10- Dad and I are running neck and neck to win….

22:17- Mum has 27 tiles totaling 195 points, but she can’t get a 30 point meld out of them…funny to us, but her poor board can’t hold them all!!!

22:31- Mum finally got her meld, and has now had the longest turn in history dumping 25 tiles at one go.

22:43- Cream Soda!!!! (See pictures.)

Brother- Mum is doing a bang up job of knocking the tiles over herself.
Mum- *stares*
Me- Keep that up, and she’s going to knock you down.
Brother- Don’t blog that.
Me- *grin*
Mum- Welcome to my world….

23:06- Dad won the last round…I’m trying my hardest to win this time!!!

23:25- You know that you are away too much with Uni and work when your mum looks at you and says “It’s nice to see you.”

23:33- Less than half an hour to a new year! (…and to a new blog post/challenge from me!)

22:58- Last live blog entry. Thanks for joining us…hope you had fun! Happy New Year…and don’t miss out on reading my post “Clean Slate.” Love you all…you are all the bestest ever!


6 responses to “The last hours of 2010

  1. WAIT! You play Rummikub?! I LOVE RUMMIKUB!

  2. mum says:

    Great fun with our family tradition for bringing in the New Year! Love seeing it on your blog….you amaze me!

    Happy New Year, Dearest. I just may try your new challenge….what will that look like with 2 people in one home doing it!? Pretty good, I think!


    p.s. to your sweet audience….I made a comeback!

    • I love putting stuff up here like this too! And you did make quite the comeback- won two rounds! In fact, I think I was the only one to not.win a round. ;)

      We’ll see how the new year goes…I think it will be a great one!

      Love you bunches….

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