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What, With All The Ballyhoo….

on 16 December 2010

It’s December 15th…1939, in Atlanta GA. The town is abuzz; Gone With the Wind is having its world premier. And, according to The Last Night of Ballyhoo, a silly little 22 year old Jewish girl is trimming a Christmas tree (!) and dreaming of being Scarlet O’Hara…and a novelist…and at the premier…and of going to Ballyhoo.

What is Ballyhoo? According to Lala (no, seriously), it’s a two week long celebration for young adult Jews in the South, held at the end of every year. At the last night, there is a huge ball- to miss it just isn’t done. So, Lala and her mother Boo (yes, seriously) are determined to find someone to take her to Ballyhoo. Lala is determined to turn into Scarlet O’Hara. Her uncle has hired a new young Jewish boy from up north- maybe he will take her to Ballyhoo. Her aunt’s daughter is coming home for the holidays- yup, that’s going to cause some trouble.

And everyone is more than a little snarky.

I don’t want to give anymore away then that, but suffice it to say it’s a wonderful play. If you have a chance to see it, do! It’s sweet, touching, and so hysterically funny.

4 responses to “What, With All The Ballyhoo….

  1. Fox says:

    Oh you gotta love the South. You just do, y’all!! *smile with prerequisite dimple*

  2. Mr_Delacerna says:

    I do not think my southern accent is that bad I try to refrain from Ya’ll when at all possible

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