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on 1 November 2010

So, you may have noticed those cute, colourful little buttons on my sidebar. It’s now time to explain what there are and why there are there!

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. In November, aspiring writers from all over the world strive to write 50,000 words by the end of the month, resulting in a “complete” novel. The focus is on quantity, not quality. Too often writers get bogged down in the details of their writing, get too involved with the characters and the plot. The result is a shelf full of notebooks half-filled with remnants of stories. The goal with NaNoWriMo is to get out a raw outline, raw situations, and a decent conclusion. Chances are that your novel is going to end up being more than 50,000 words, but it’s a really good start.

Yes, I’m crazy, but I’m giving it a shot.

Wanna join in the literary insanity? You can add me as a writing buddy: MsWoodhouse.

Have fun…



4 responses to “NaNoWriMo

  1. Yes! I LOVE NaNoWriMo! Way too much fun. :-)

    I have high hopes for reaching the 50k mark. I’m pretty determined to make this happen, despite the fact that I have such a hard time silencing my inner editor!

    • I’ve seen your totals- you are well on your way! I agree though- it’s hard to not take the time to form each sentence perfectly. December is NaNoReWriMo (national novel rewriting month), right? ;)

  2. I’m definitely way behind on being well on my way at this point! Still, no matter how bleak the word count, I can’t seem to ever make myself REALLY “throw in the towel” until December first. I’ll be doing whatever I can to catch up until then! ;-)

    Either way, I will still have some editing to do in December. Even if it’s just on the short bit I DID get written. Ha!

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