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Something Squirrelly….

on 15 October 2010

Friday Frame-Up returns! What better way to usher back a blog tradition than with a simple little snapshot of Fall? Enjoy!


9 responses to “Something Squirrelly….

  1. Fox says:

    I’m totally going to be seeing and feeding some of those tomorrow! :D

    • Aw, sounds like a good day! Although, for some reason I’m hearing the song “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins…don’t know why…. :D I need to see pictures from your squirrelly adventures tomorrow!

  2. Fox says:

    And the squirrels here are BLACK! I mean, I’m no racist… but I never saw black squirrels before! I will get a pic of one or ten for you! Promise! :D

  3. Fox says:

    Oh and about Fall: It’s worse here than it was in NC. It’s about 14 out during the days now. That’s about 57F? People are walking around in PARKAS!!! I KID YOU NOT!!! PARKAS!!!

    So weird…

  4. Antonio Delacerna says:

    As my sister said when she was 5 years old “LOOK ISA SQWERRRRELL!”

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