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Little Changes

on 4 October 2010

There is a test going on in certain Starbucks markets tomorrow. But it’s a little, teeny, tiny, bitsy, bite-sized test.

We’ve got new mini desserts!

Here’s a sneak peek, just because I love you all. Be sure to go to your Starbucks tomorrow to see if it’s in a test market too!

Mini Peanut Butter Cupcake

Very tiny, but very sweet. Too sweet for me, but then again I’m not *big* into peanut butter cups. (See what I did there? Just checking….)

Red Velvet Mini Whoopie Pie

This is going to become my “go to” snack if we get to keep these around. They are just perfect!

Rocky Road Cake Pop

Um, this is AWESOME, if you like marshmallow. And nuts- quite a few more nuts than I expected.

Lemon Bar

Word of advice, order two. If you like lemon, you’re going to love this! The perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake Square

I predict this will be our best seller. Need more proof? Look inside of this little petit four!

Yes, yum. :)

Excited? So am I!


9 responses to “Little Changes

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. Those ALL look DELICIOUS. I am going to HAVE to go to Starbucks tomorrow just to see if any of my local stores happen to be testers.

    I think mini-desserts are a fantastic idea. Especially as I’ve started watching my calories. Just enough to satisfy my notorious sweet tooth, but without…you know…adding an extra pound or two. ;-)

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! I’m super excited to see if these take off!

    • If your Starbucks has them, let me know! There are other minis that my area does not have- hard to believe, but yes there’s more deliciousness!

      It really is a brilliant idea, and I hope that they stick around too! :) -MissW

      • Sarah says:

        OMG. I just looked at that Red Velvet delight again and felt a surge of longing. Ha! I’m HOPING somewhere around me is testing. I will buy the heck out of those!

  2. mum says:

    What?! No samples for the fam??? Uh….like I don’t spend enough time and calories at Starbucks, they have to up the ante? And I can’t get there until later…can you save me some?

    Love you,

  3. Steve Pearson says:

    do you mail well? :)…

    do they mail well i mean’t Freudian slip!

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