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Brand New Day

on 20 September 2010

Welcome back to Music Monday! This was a random little treasure-find this week, but it’s been on repeat on both my computer and laptop. I’m up to 200 listens and still counting!

The lyrics are pretty straightforward, all about wanting to break free of an old, stagnant life so you can be ready to face a brand new day. I really love the lyrics in the chorus:


Send me a sign,

Turn back the clock,

Give me some time.

I need to break out,

And make a new name,

Let’s open our eyes,

To the brand new day.

Musically, I find it very interesting. It has perhaps one of the most chilling modulation chords that I’ve ever heard. It’s worth calling attention to those few seconds in the song: the sequence begins at 2:04, the amazing chord is at 2:07, and it all resolves by 2:08. Brilliant.

Have a great week, and I’ll be back soon!


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