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Walking Her Home….

on 8 August 2010

Over the last month at our store, we’ve had two big events happen with two of our older couples. As a result (surprise, surprise!), I have a really neat song stuck in my head. But first, let me tell you about these events.

The first one was several weeks ago, and is amazingly cool. One of our regulars celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary with his wife! It’s really touching to see such a successful marriage as they have; we are very happy for them.

The other event is sadder. A couple that’s been coming in since we opened has struggled through the past few years. The husband suffered from a severe form of dementia, but through it all his wife stood by his side, brought him to see us when she could, and treated him with a touching amount of love and patience. He died a few weeks ago, but the eulogies at his funeral speak to the amazing impact his life had on others.

Two vastly different scenarios, but both showed the world the same thing: that marriage can be forever, it can be “’til death do us part.” They modeled faithfulness and fidelity, and the world needs more role models such as this.

Thank you, dear customers, for showing us an amazing picture of love through the example of your lives.


2 responses to “Walking Her Home….

  1. Catherine says:


    it is SO hard for me to imagine being with the same person for 70 years lol, but i hope that is something i can experience (or at least close to it–i guess if i get married in my 30s (eek!) it might be less than that because i don’t know that i’ll live to be 100!

    • Yeah, 70 years is a rarity at that! And the kicker is the guy doesn’t even look 70, let alone his 92 years. We’ll just give you a good multi-vitamin so you live to 100, and then you can tell us if it’s anything like you imagined! :D On a serious note though, it’s really cool to see. We’ve got a lot of young couples in the store; I’m hoping they take notice and try to model their relationships to last even half as long. -MissW

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