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Always Faithful

on 25 July 2010

Faithfulness is not something that we can find a lot of in our modern world. It’s increasingly difficult to find a faithful wife, a faithful husband, or a faithful friend.

Faithfulness takes on different aspects too. This week, I’ve sat back and observed wives being emotionally unfaithful to their husbands, and husbands being physically unfaithful to their wives. I’ve seen friends help “friends” betray friends, and watched the results of friends not being faithful to keep promises. I’ve heard people share confidences that they swore to keep, and I’ve seen people walk away from faith in God.

It’s all very depressing.

Yet, no matter how unfaithful humanity is, God remains steadfastly faithful. He does not betray our trust, or abandon us to ourselves. We don’t have to work through things alone, nor does He abandon us to our own foolishness when a “better person” comes along. He’s there for us, whenever we need Him.

All we have to do is reach out.


4 responses to “Always Faithful

  1. steve p says:

    That’s lovely

  2. OldSarge says:

    Sadly, I’ve seen this all through my life. God and my animals are the ones I unreservedly give my trust to these days.

    • Hi, OldSarge! It is really sad to see the fickleness and unreliability of humanity, and it hurts to see it too. I like the two things you give your trust to, though; I think that we can all very much relate. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, my friend. -MissW

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