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Lazy Days

on 9 July 2010

As promised, I took pictures with the blog in mind on the 4th of July. At the center of my neighbourhood is this lake. It’s not a¬†particularly¬†pretty lake; in fact the water is horrifically murky. There are box turtles, snapping turtles, fish of questionable provenance, and who knows what else in those waters.

There’s also a submarine, but that’s a story for another time.

So, I find it especially challenging to find pretty shots of the lake. However, many of the yards that border the lake are very well maintained. It’s neat to see the different things that people do to make the lake’s edge pretty. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll put up a picture of this really pretty little dock. It’s very sweet.

Anyway, back to the picture. This is taken at a place where the lake bends and curves around a little bit. Not only are the branches reflecting in the water really pretty, but I love the crepe myrtle and snap dragons (someone told me that’s what they were called; let me know if I’m mistaken!) in the right background. It makes me wonder what’s around the bend…but you can’t see around the corner from the public park. Thus, it remains a mystery….

(Oh, and can you see the pink crepe myrtle buds floating on the lake’s surface near the tree? The brightness of the sun bleaches them out a bit in the photo, but in real life they were very, very bright pink. So pretty!)


8 responses to “Lazy Days

  1. Fox says:

    They are indeed snapdragons. Where I grew up had a pond with snapping turtles and such in it. I swam there. Yeah, I’m brave/crazy like that :)

  2. Catherine says:

    Pretty picture! I love your descriptions too :) i added your blog to my list of ones i read btw as well

  3. culledthoughts says:

    Interesting view since it’s backwards compared to mine. I might be mistaken but I think the fence in the background is my next door neighbor’s yard. I’d have to go look over the fence to be sure. Maybe I will demystify this end for you! =)

    • That would be nice! Or maybe the mystery is a good thing…. I guess it depends; is it pretty over there? :) -MissW

      • culledthoughts says:

        This end is much more secluded than the end you are on. Mainly because we don’t have the old pool across the way. On our end we all know each other. We all use each others yards as paths to where we are going and no one’s dogs seem to mind =)

        I will take a quick picture (or 10) tomorrow during the day so you can see. Heck maybe I will shoot some video instead. Have to see what the weather is like…

        • Aw, sounds like a nice little corner/area/portion of the lake is hidden over there! And yes, the now-cement filled pool is…tacky. Very, very tacky. :) -MissW

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