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If This Was An Egg, It Would Be Fried

on 25 June 2010

Welcome back to the Friday Frame-Up. This week’s picture is from a few months back, taken in my neighbour’s yard. I’ve got two reasons for posting this today. The first reason is that it’s pretty cute. Don’t believe me? Then take a look:

See? I love how all these colours interact with each other.

The other reason is a little sillier. Tonight we were discussing how hot it’s been lately. It’s been so warm that when you pour water on the cement, it evaporates super quickly. We’re talking all traces of the moisture disappearing in under 2 minutes. So, that of course begged the question- if you cracked an egg on the sidewalk, would it fry?

This flower looks like a fried egg.

See? I told you that it was a silly reason. But did it make you smile? I hope so.

Going through my recent photos has really brought home how long it’s been since I’ve done a proper photo shoot. I’m hoping to get out on the 4th of July and get some fresh pictures to feature here.

Have a wonderful Friday, and I’ll be back later this weekend with some fresh Starbucks stories!


2 responses to “If This Was An Egg, It Would Be Fried

  1. Steve P says:

    Did you know it is the National emblem of Wales?
    The hedgerows, fields, planters in towns & villages are festooned with bunches of these gorgeous flowers.
    On St David’s day (patron St of Wales) girls will go to school with a daffodil pinned on their school uniforms. The boys sadly wear leeks, and if I was peckish at school I used to munch on mine, fully expecting my mam to have a head fit when I got home.

    • I didn’t know that! How interesting! I love daffodils, and our neighbour grows them in abundance. Such cheery, bright flowers. This gives me another reason to visit Wales!

      So, now I’m curious as to why boys wear leeks; must go look it up. However, I’m glad that you had a snack for the day! ;) –MissW

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