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Quick! Hide The Wool Sweaters!

on 16 May 2010

Our moth hatched tonight. I’d love to give you the long, sweet story of how we hand-selected our cute little caterpillar, put it in the best corner of the house, and watched with loving attention for it to hatch out of its cocoon. However, I will not tell you that story.

Mainly because it doesn’t exist.

The real story goes something like “Look at this fat green caterpillar! Let’s catch it, put it in the old butterfly pavilion, and see what happens!”

Then, it spun itself into a cocoon.





Yep, after a few weeks of THAT MUCH ACTION, we put the pavilion in the garage. A few weeks later:





Let me tell you, it was riveting. So much so, we let it sit in the garage for a few more months. The other day we stumbled across it…erm, re-discovered its existence. Guess what had happened!




Yup, a creature of habit, that fat cocoon.

So, imagine our surprise when today of all days, we went to clean out the pavillion and found this!

Oops, a little blurry. Let’s try this!

Darn, still not good. Let’s see if we can get him/her/it to move:

Ahhh, much better! It’s hard to tell perspective in the bottom of the pavilion, so trust me when I tell you that this guy is a good 4 inches across at least. He’s big, and furry. Don’t believe me?

Told you so. And no, the photo isn’t blurry. He’s fuzzy.

So now, dear readers, I have a challenge for you. Can you identify what sort of a moth we have here? He’s been released into the wild, but for future reference we’d like to know. Leave your thoughts in the comments!


2 responses to “Quick! Hide The Wool Sweaters!

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh! I found it! It’s called a Polyphemus moth. Very pretty! :-)

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