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on 7 May 2010

I know that I’ve shared a picture of my puppy before, but it’s time for more! Today is her 9th birthday- I can’t believe that I’ve had her for so long.

We found her during a summer trip to “the land of no internet.” I had needed to put my old dog in a less active environment some time before, and I had been looking for a new puppy for some time. We saw an ad in the classified for Jack Russel/Standard Poodle puppies, so we drove quite some way into Amish country to take a look.

There were other puppies in the litter still there, but I fell in love with the little runt a few steps behind the others. She was also the only one who wasn’t acting like a maniac, and we needed a somewhat calm puppy. So, we brought her home! I knew that I wanted to name my puppy after the little Fossil girl in the book Ballet Shoes, and the name fit her perfectly.

It’s a good thing that she LOVES being photographed, because I take lots of pictures of her.

Happy Birthday, Posy!


3 responses to “Posy

  1. Sarah says:

    What a sweet little dog! I love those pictures. Tell her happy birthday for me! :-)

  2. Sarah says:

    You’re welcome! ^_^

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