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Everything Glorious

on 26 April 2010

Recently I’ve had the words of David*Crowder*Band’s song “Everything Glorious” running through my head. Specifically, I’ve been hearing the part of the song where they ask God that if He makes everything glorious, “what does that make me?”.

It’s a question that’s been running through my head this week, especially at work. Every day we see a stream of people, never stopping, never ending. Overworked and overtired, it’s far too easy to become frustrated with the customers who are rude and difficult to please. Yes, I know you don’t like milk in your cappuccino. No, the reason your drink looks like that is because I did shake the soy. Yes, I do know how to make a caramel frappucino. Yes, I’d be glad to make you a new drink because you didn’t know what you were ordering. It’s like the demands and questioning of my abilities never end.

Sometimes I feel wracked with guilt that I find myself frustrated. God made these people glorious; what right do I have to be annoyed over their search for the perfect drink? I should just love them, accommodate them as best I can, and not let them bother me.

However, just when the guilt becomes unbearable, I remember that I’m a part of God’s creation as well. That means that He made me glorious too! I don’t have to mindlessly submit to their tyrannies, putting up and shutting up. Not that I should be mean to anyone, but I really should stop mentally beating myself up because these customers aren’t happy with me giving my best.

Gloriousness is a two way street. If you want people to treat you like you’re special, you have to remember to treat others well too.


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