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on 2 April 2010

I’ve been thinking about my little “photo on Friday” tradition, and I’m thinking that instead of calling it Photo Friday (boring!), I’m going to start calling it the Friday Frame-Up. What do you all think?

Anyhow, my picture this week is a little unusual for me- it’s of a cat. Normally I don’t have much of a chance to snap pictures of the dear critters, as I’m fairly allergic. Do you know how hard it is to frame up a shot when you’re sneezing?

I got away with this picture because there was a beautiful pane of glass separating me from the dander. One of our neighbours in the land of no internet has a ton of cats. I used to know them all, but I always like one in particular. Her name was Fancy, and every time I’d go up to visit she’d make her way over to hang out with me. I’m not sure of this little one’s name, but I do know that she’s a daughter of Fancy. Perhaps her mum told her about me?

So, I took this picture looking out the front door while waiting for some friends of ours to come visit over Thanksgiving. I think that she picked up on our anticipation; she sat by the front door for hours looking out at the road. Thankfully, I managed to catch her sneaking a peek at me!

Little Fancy

For those of you LOL cat fans out there, do you have a caption for this photo? If so, leave it in the comments!


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  1. ‘…please Miss can I have some more’

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