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Working 9 to 9

on 27 March 2010

Well, what a week at work! For those of you who do not live and die by the movements of the little green goddess, Tuesday was free pastry day (!) and some of the Southeast was upgraded to a new POS (point of sale= register) system. Oh yes, and have I mentioned that our new manager isn’t officially at our store yet? I’ve not seen her in weeks.

So here we are- the rogue store. We control our orders, our work hours, our products, our reports. We’re not even able to get a hold of our District Manager. Good thing that they can trust us- well, most of us. But I digress.

The new POS rollout was severely under-promoted. They told us to go watch a five minute training module, which I did. According to the module, the way I ring up drinks changes drastically. This is not a bad thing. Our old software was a pain, but this looks user-friendly and pretty to boot.

It all seemed straightforward.

This is where things started to go wrong.

By the time I got to the store on rollout day, Thursday, the shift looked puzzled and exhausted. Apparently, the new system changed not only our POS, but how we open the store, clock in, markout product, do deposit, check sales, moniter tills, clock out, and close the store. And oh yes, there were no instructions on how to do any of this new stuff.

Have I mentioned yet that we don’t have a manager? Thankfully, the helpdesk called the store and walked us through the new system. Crisis somewhat averted. It will be a long learning curve. One of my shifts pointed out that normally when there’s someone new in the store, all the other partners know what to do and can help. Right now, we’re all learning with no one to show us how it’s done.

Anyway, all that and I haven’t even gotten to my 9-9 story! It all starts the morning after rollout (and keep in mind that we maintain a steady stream of customers and still aren’t comfortable with the new system):

Friday, March 26, 2010

9am– showed up at store to do some tutoring. Helped talk the register person through a few orders.

10:30– tutoring over, go in the back room to help a partner troubleshoot the training module.

11:30– asked to clock on early in order to help out the two shifts.

1:30– third person on the floor leaves, rest of the afternoon will be two people on the floor. Of course, we get slammed.

3:30– new shift comes in to replace the old one. They cannot figure out how to close out a till. They finally realize that the till doesn’t exist. Whew!

3:45– the new system is SKU based. Guess what? Starbucks just took the SKUs off all our packaged and bottled merchandise! Fun times.

4:00– My replacement is stuck in traffic.

4:30Рfinally can clock off. 

4:45– leave the store, fielding questions and comments from coworkers as I go.

6:30– call the store to ask a partner a quick question. Realize that shift is near tears. Ask what is the matter- apparently a customer just threatened to call corporate on her and the barista for not putting whipped cream on his chai. He took names, got his refund, and stalked out. Uh-oh.

6:45– stay on hold while shift tries to call someone in authority. Have I mentioned that we can’t get a hold of our manager or district manager?

7pm– Mum and I run into my Starbucks on our way to pick up dinner. Mum brings little bags of candy to the shaken shift and baristas. Morale is somewhat restored. Corporate is finally called, they now know what is going on. They agree that the baristas did everything right, and they say they will defend their actions. DM and SM are still unreachable.

8pm– just finished dinner. Shift calls, nearly in tears again. Cleaning tablets for the machines were zeroed out of our order, and we have none. Their third person just left the store, and they need the product ASAP. Not cleaning the machines tonight will result in the espresso machines locking up in the morning. Not good.

8:10– other stores aren’t picking up the phone. I get in the car (in the rain) to find product.

8:30– product gained, head to the store. Still raining. Still can’t find our manager.

8:45– give grateful shift the cleaning tablets. Notice, sitting at a table, the barista who is clocked off. He locked his keys in the car. In the rain. At the gas station near our store. In front of the pump. *headdesk* Listen to his story, offer him a place to stay if needed.

8:50– Take shift up on offer of free drink.

9pm– Return home. I need a few days off!

So there you have it- that’s what just my day looked like. I’m not alone. Almost everyone at our store is giving 200% to keep things running smoothly. So, the next time your barista looks a little stressed, keep in mind that they may be having a day like this themselves!

Have a good week, and drink more coffee!

2 responses to “Working 9 to 9

  1. mum says:

    You guys are the best! Mum-wise, I am so proud of all of you, and it takes all of my self-control not to call Corporate and brag on you! You are all going the extra mile…may all your managerial dreams come true!

    Couldn’t ask for a better *$s or a better team! (Of course, YOU are MY personal favourite!!)


    • Thanks so much! You are my favourite customer, and I’d be glad to put whipped cream on your short-for-here-four-pump-chai-one-pump-vanilla-soy-no-water-no-foam-chai latte anytime you want! ;)

      If things go south, we could always go truly rogue and elect you store manager. Hmmmm, that’s an idea actually…. Love ya!

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