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The People You Meet At Starbucks- 2

on 20 March 2010

Remember a while ago I started this series on stereotypical customers? Well, here’s part two! This week on Miss Woodhouse’s Musings, we will take a look at the behaviour patterns of the typical, new small-business owner:

Busy, busy, busy. At least, that’s what they’d like you to think about them. They spend the entire time in line and waiting for their drink busily talking on the phone (I’ll out them here: it’s usually to an old college buddy!). Then, they spend hours hunched over a laptop, clicking away with abandon (playing war games- I kid you not). At some point in their visit, an unsuspecting guest standing at the handoff plane will fall victim to their “oops, I dropped my business card, but why don’t you hang onto it and call me if you need my expertise” routine. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this move come into play!

Common drinks ordered by this type of customer: basic nonfat latte or a plain, small coffee. They are new to business, after all, without much disposable income. The store is their office, our tables are their desk, our customers their target audience. Heating, electricity, wifi, furniture, and advertisement- all for the price of a coffee. It’s a great deal!


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