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Going For The Gold

on 7 March 2010

While the elite athletes of the world were up in Canada winning gold medals, I was working on a more important gold award. That’s right folks, my Starbucks gold card came yesterday!

To earn this card, I had to make 30 swipes on my registered Starbucks cards. Yup, no problem. The new card is cute, but the International Space Station called last night to complain about the glare. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pretty new card:


It is shiny! What’s even cuter than the card with the darling little stars is the card that brought it to me:

…where they wrote me a cute little note. Best of all, it comes with a free drink coupon!

So there you have it! Make sure that you don’t just throw away the note from Starbucks- you don’t want to miss out on every great benefit the new Gold Card Program has to offer. Happy star earning!

And remember, after reaching gold, every fifteen stars you get one of these in the mail:

Yes, this is all very exciting! Now, I’ve got to go get some coffee.


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