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Everybody’s Looking For Something

on 4 March 2010

WordPress allows me to see what search terms people use to find my blog. Some of these people are very dedicated to their search- I’m not usually found until the 40-50th search page. So, if you’ve found my blog by searching for something else, welcome!

Being the nice person I am, I thought that I’d share these terms with you (along with my pithy comments). Points if you can figure out what post the terms used took the searcher to- just leave your guesses in the comments! (for example, does anyone remember my Wipeout post?)

Here we go:

“tea towel whipping sound barrier”– I love tea, like any good hitchhiker I know where my towel is, I’m really good at whipping cream for drinks, I love the sound of music (both the movie and the literal sound), and I believe in breaking down barriers in every situation. I can’t imagine any other way those words can logically relate to each other. I mean, tea towels breaking the sound barrier? Really? Maybe on the back of a supersonic jet they might.(What’s scary is that at the time of writing this, I hit the first page on search results.Man.)

“woodhouse math guy”– Hey, that’s funny! Seriously guys, I’m good at many things but math is not one of them. Sorry. I’m also a girl, just to make that clear.

“an extra stanza to love story taylor swift” – No way I’m giving up the extra stanza to Love Story! Taylor expects me to keep her secrets, and this is one of them. You have to find your own extra stanza. So there.

“miss woodhouse” – This one makes sense; you Google Miss Woodhouse, you get me. Yay!

“dog” – Yup, I have two of them at the house. Glad you asked!

“it isn´t any trouble just to smile” – I love this song- it comes in handy to annoy people who are being very grumpy. It might not have been the best blog title idea though….

“road to hana funny” – I knew that oblique reference to the scariest road in the world would pay off somehow. (Many bonus points if you know the post to which this refers!)

“get off the grid” – Wow, that sounds so much more threatening then I meant for it to. Oh, and by the way, apparently this can also refer to going green. That’s not how I meant it. At. All.

“”wipeout” -hd -psp -pulse -pure –surfing”– I don’t know what I’m in more awe of- the fact that someone was searching for wipeout, or the number or terms they didn’t want included in the search. Wow.

“can you activate a starbucks gold card” – Yes, you could. By purchasing one. Last year. When they were selling the card. Now, you are out of luck. You can register a Starbucks card to enter the new rewards program though!

“in your darkest dreams, by emma woodhouse” – Did I mention that I was thinking about a little foray into thriller fiction? No? Oh well, all I have is the title so far… could someone Google me a plotline?

“don’t think that ever before” – …before what? The suspense is killing me!

“holiday rush sarcasm” – I googled this myself after it showed up on my search terms. For that day, I was the third hit for this search. Apparently I’m sarcastic. Really, you think? Who knew?

http://www.misswoodhousemusings.wordpress.com” – It’s http://, with no www. Just so you know.

“happy anniversary” – Awwww, thanks! What are we celebrating again?

“john the instigator” – Well, at least I’m not the one stirring up trouble this time. Thanks for taking the heat, John!

“it isn’t any trouble”– Hmph. That’s what you think.

“smile. it isn’t any trouble”– Sir, yes sir!


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