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I *Heart*…

on 14 February 2010

Not to be a buzz-kill, but Valentine’s Day tops the list of holidays I despise. I’m sure that it’s fine for some people, but the over-sentimentality of the day really grates on my nerves. I do enjoy having a nice evening with my family (dinner, movie, games, etc.), and that is really the highlight of the holiday. If it wasn’t for them, I’d just as soon ignore the day.

The best Valentine’s Day I’ve had so far in my life was when I worked for a florist. 600 roses in one day, and I handled most of them! It’s the most heavenly scent in the world, all those roses and tulips and lilies blending together in the air. I also went out on deliveries. There’s little I enjoy more than knocking on a door, and handing an unsuspecting woman a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Because we write a lot of the cards, I usually know some of the back story to who the couple is and how long they’ve been together. It’s even more fun when we get to deliver to people at work- the shock and awe just makes me smile.

Despite not liking Valentine’s Day as a rule, I cannot let the holiday pass by without a little nod to the nature of the day. Therefore, here is a partial list of people I love!

I *heart*:

My family

My friends

My coworkers

My English teachers

My Religion teachers

My book club friends

My favourite customers

My puppy

I also have an unusual attachment to some…erm…inanimate objects that I CANNOT live without (and yes, I know that I am shallow). Such objects as:


My 700+ books (yup, you read that correctly)

My laptop

My iPod

My cell phone

My camera

My keys (yes, I do mean my keys)

My caffeine gum

My contacts/glasses

So, there you have it! I think that I have plenty of love to spread around. Before I forget, there’s one other group of people I love:

I *HEART* YOU– MY BLOG READERS! Thanks for reading. <3


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